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Suzanne Harrington

He's my new lover and he never touches the This little darling literally has earned a permanent location at the foot of my bed with his own pillow. I lay back and he takes care of my aching tired feet, tender spots that need attention, sore arches. And of course he can get a little rough sometimes but he immediately can sense my positioning may be off and that it has hurt me and he'll shut off and pauses until I'm ready for him to start again. He's a dream and never gets tired and I love when he massages my heels... feels so good.

I'm going to enjoy this while it last and if this relationship comes to an end I'm going to buy a new one without a second thought...

Renee Bates

Bought this for my husband as a gift. He has diabetes and his feet hurt a lot. He says it feels wonderful and is starting to get the feeling back on his toes. I was afraid it would be too small for him as his feet are a size 12, but it is not too small at all. Delivery was before the expected date which was a nice surprise. Very happy with the product.

Karen Hamilton

This is my first foot massager. I discovered it after visiting a friends house and they offered me to try it - I fell in love. Went on amazon - placed my order - the rest - well read below.

I received my foot massager in the mail - via Amazon Prime - it was well packaged and had retail packaging too - but once I got the massager undressed, plugged it in - and placed my feet in - I finally realized what love is. The massager was persistent and steadfast - it was going at my feet like nobody has ever done before. Yes it would take a quick break every 15 minutes and yes, its programs were limited - but I didn't care - I just pushed the button again and let it do its thing. Ill move my feet from time to time - just to make sure it hits the right spots - and every time - it hits the right spots!

Now every day I come home from work - get my boyfriend setup - and while I am eating my dinner - it goes to work. Now - its easy for me to push my massager harder by applying more pressure - but I know if I push too far, this relationship will be over. I also know to make sure the power cord is somewhere protected - its not removeable - so if something goes wrong - no more boyfriend.

I bought my boyfriend for $240 - Over the past few months, it has given me countless hours of relief and pleasure. I know nothing lasts forever - but even if this lasts for a few months - it was worth the investment. If it gets dirty - I just unzip the cloth and take it to the wash - never use your massager without protection. It wasn't all easy - my boyfriend also came with baggage, in the form of a remote (which also somehow controlled my Visio sound bar), but that remote is a thing of the past - I wonder where it went?

Brooke Wright

I absolutely love this foot massager!! After two surgeries on my left ankle, I still suffered from pain in both my left foot and ankle. This product has greatly reduced my discomfort!

Spencer Morales

I set it under my desk and when I’m working at it or even playing a game on my computer, I’m getting a foot massage. It relieves stress or comforts tired achy feet! I would buy it all over again!