Premium Outdoor Smokeless Propane Fire Pit

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Customer Reviews

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Donna King

Doesn’t make it super warm but is pretty! Easy to put together.

Ashley Evans

I looked at this and read the reviews for about 3 weeks going back and forth.
Just put together and turned on and love it at this point.
If you read the directions it is not difficult to put together just tedious. Only mishap in directions was that they mixed the 6 and 9 stickers up. So I had to redo the legs , but wasn't that big of a deal
They tell you not to tighten screws till end .
Delivery was great well packaged .
Turned on first time.
And does put out heat.
Would highly recommend, if any changes will update !

Jordan Henderson

We really like our fire table. It is a beautiful addition to our patio. I would have given it 5 stars except for two problems: (1) The instructions are completely backwards! I had to figure out how the pieces actually went together (the finished picture is correct, so that was a guide. (2) The plastic cover is very thin, and I expect will need replacing soon.

James Powell

Used twice. We are happy! It matches our gray furniture set well. It works well and is a nice size. I wish it was a little shorter. I love that the propane tank goes inside rather than a separate tower so I excuse the height. The door used to access the tank won’t stay open. It closes but opens up after awhile if bumped. I think a part might need to be replaced so I’ll reach out to the seller.

Jeffrey Anderson

I use this out on our new deck!! The only thing that we've noticed so far is when it rains we have to bring the glass border in because the weight of the water fills up that part when it's covered. So it's a pain in the ass when you uncover it!!!!!!! Also now that we're using it the button doesn't work to light the table!! So now we have to use a lighter to light it!! Not happy about that!!!!!!!!! Will be contacting to discuss!!!