6-in-1 S-Shape Cavitation Machine - Fat Reduction, Cellulite Treatment, Skin Tightening, Vacuum, Infrared Light Therapy, and Mechanical Massage

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Customer Reviews

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Rose Berry

I was not expecting much from this, but thought I would try it. I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve only used this for a week and my skin is already feeling more smooth and the fine lines are diminishing. This is amazing, especially for the price.

Leah Ramos

Been using this since Christmas & am noticing a difference in my skin. I’m using it to clear bacteria & at first I had a few more zits popping up in the first week but that was to be expected with my skin clearing itself out. Now that I’m 3 weeks in I have zero blemishes. I am also noticing a difference in the tightness of my skin. Must use it with a serum or by placing cheesecloth over face for easy gliding, 10/10!

Roderick Christensen

I’ve been meaning to write a review for a long time. This thing has been a complete game changer and life changer in some ways. I know that after using this machine at night my skin will always look better in the morning.

I used to have really spotty looking acne scars on both cheeks, all over. This machine has completely transformed my skin as to where there’s only 3-4 scars left as of now. Been using it pretty consistently for about 2 months.

The thing is that you have to be consistent with it as it’s purpose is to get your cells to REGENERATE BRAND NEW silky soft skin cells thru it’s technology.
My skin hasn’t looked this good in years or felt this soft and smooth in literally years and I am so happy I found this device!!!!! I’m a believer for life 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Naila Jensen

I definitely recommend this product. Unfortunately, it doesn't do much for my blemishes, acne scars or dark circles, but it does wonders for my fine lines. I've been using it every day and I notice a difference in my fine lines right off the bat. Plus, my face is just tighter overall. I usually wake up with a puffy face and more prominent lines (I sleep on my stomach a lot), but I've definitely noticed less of that after using this product for a few weeks. It's pretty easy to use.

Ismael Snyder

Easy to use, love the different tubes to use. Used it only 4 times, but see a difference in a couple of wrinkles on my forehead and 11's. Waiting on serum to arrive to make gliding across skin easier.