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I attempted to choose this product because of its pricing and performance. All of the parameters were met, including a good range, 48V 1000 charge cycles, and a stunning look, and I was not disappointed. Surt quietly and slide down the hill with the motor. It's a mind-blowing sensation. The light makes it simple to operate the board screen. I've enjoyed back frightening since this cycling race. It's impossible to put into words. It comes highly recommended from me. Despite the fact that I had the gear shift readjusted and two scratch products inside after purchasing them, I simply placed them on and drove away, and everything was forgotten. Thank you very much.

Diane Lopez

Components are well-made and of good quality. Final assembly, pedals, handlebar, and fixing control are all made of lightweight materials. The Shimano circuit, as well as the Sheng Milo Motor, are perfectly matched. A light and quiet ride is also possible without the use of a motor. The driver sits just right (1,70m tall, normal leg length).

Randy Turner

Great bike. Have had it a few months and use it daily and it’s held up great. Battery lasts great.

Kenneth Powell

I only had the handlebar, pedals, and the display to set up the WAR'S when I got it. I charged the battery for the first time as recommended, which took 6 hours. The next day, I went for my first ride. What can I say, I'm astonished. With a loaded saddle pack and my weight of 100 pounds, the battery lasts roughly 80 kilometres. I am completely satisfied. But the feeling is easy indescribable, makes you feel really no longer broken. Each slope manages to play. Only the saddle I swapped, the is for me a lot to hard. But this bike I can really recommend.

Frances Hughes

This is the second of these bikes I’ve bought. Really is easy to assemble. Smooth confident ride ! We love them ! Great customer service from Bike Company also !!! Fun, Fun, Fun !!!!!