26 lbs Countertop LCD Display Ice Maker with Ice Scoop

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Jaliyah Floyd

I have only used the large setting for my cubes and I love it. I have it next to my freezer and when the basket is full I dump it in my Ice hold in the freezer. It is not super quiet but it is not disturbing.....And when filled with water it makes about 5 or 6 baskets full before it needs to be filled up. It was way cheaper that getting the icemaker in my Refrigerator fixed. When I have guests I move it to the bar area. I have only had it a few weeks but works great. I do drain and dry it when not in use to keep it clean and free of slime as per the directions. I would buy again

Khloe Strong

So far so good. This little ice maker does a nice job of cranking out the ice. It has a large water reservoir to keep the ice coming. Especially if your family uses a ton of ice like mine does.

Kaelyn Gould

I'm very shocked. It makes way to much ice. My son has a similar ice maker and it barely keeps up with just him. I bought this because my ice maker in the fridge broke. I didnt have high expectations, buy boy was I wrong. I have to turn this off for 12 to 16 hours a day. And still have too much ice. I dump the ice into the fridges ice bucket and use and ice straight from this machine. Finally a product that does what it's supposed to do and then some!

Frederick Cowan

Keep in mind when you pull ice out of your kitchen freezer that has been in there for several hours it is around 0 degrees vs. the 27 degrees right out of the countertop ice maker. So, ice from your freezer is going to last a lot longer in a drink than ice out of this countertop ice maker. So, that may not be ideal for some if you are having a drink outside on a hot day and not using an insulated cup. For best results take the ice out of the countertop ice maker and put it in a gallon ziplock bag and place it in the freezer for a little while so it will get down to the 0 degrees. That is not necessary though. The ice that comes right out of the machine is plenty cold enough for drinking beverages indoors. If you want to use the ice outdoors just place the ice in an insulated cup.

Ernest Cox

It doesn't take up a lot of countertop space so we are able to leave it out and it matches our stainless steel fridge.
It comes with a nice ice scoop which is great for parties.
This ice maker keeps dropping ice every 8 minutes.
The cord is very long so it doesn't have to be right up against the outlet.