3-in-1 Portable Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine - Exfoliation, Vacuum and LED Light Therapy for Anti-aging, Scar Reduction and Skin Brightening

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Customer Reviews

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Jenna Christensen

Great machine, definitely works as expected and my skin never looked better...remember to follow recommendations and not use it too often giving your skin time to recover. This machine makes my face soo clear I use it every two weeks! Seen a big difference in the first use on hands this is worth it. Tumbling Dices i owe you one for this amazing product!!!!!!

Sarah Jensen

After going in for treatments every month I needed a more affordable and easy way. I decided to take the plunge and now my boyfriend and I do it on each other regularly. Love it Suction power is great very powerful.nice machine .as delivered before time I need .thanks

Ismaela Snyder

This have been a game changer to my finances and my facials. I can now do my own facials with my own quality products in the privacy of my home. It cleans up my clients skin really nice. Their happy with the service

Kenny Blair

The machine is pretty bulky but does the job. It’s not too rough on the skin so you can go over one place several times without worrying to damage the skin versus other machines out there. It looks and feels very professional, although I must say that it is still a diamond professional microdermabrasion machine. But great value for the price.

Guadalupe Conner

I've been using this microdermabrasion machine for home use. having an office-grade suction power I've noticed reduced fine lines and dead cells on my face. Having acne-prone skin has been a challenge but using this machine helps tremendously leaving my skin with fewer breakouts and soft.