3 Ton Triple Bag Air Pneumatic Jack

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3 Ton Triple Bag Air Pneumatic Jack

This 3 Ton Triple Bag Air Jack with the design Compact and Lightweight provides quick up and down positioning. It is the easiest and fastest way to install pinch weld clamps on the frame machine. By the way, you can use a triple bag jack on your frame or alignment machine, or on the floor.

  • High Capacity
  • Well Constructed
  • Thickened Rubber
  • Portable Handle


High Capacity

The pneumatic jack capacity: 6600 lbs/3T. And it’s lifting Height Range: 5.3"-17" (13.5-42 cm). It just takes 5 seconds to lift.

Well Constructed

The pneumatic jack is made of high-strength steel, the whole body is sturdy and durable. Larger stressed area fits on the soft and easy-collapsing place.

Thickened Rubber

The thickened rubber and steel plate work together to make the lifting safer and more stable. The combination also reduced impact, and lead to precise lifting.

Easy to Use

Powerful and very simple to use. The triple bag jack is the easiest and fastest way to make the car lift. It inflates with compressed air.

Wide Application

Suitable for soft and easy-to-collapse terrain, water on sand, or muddy roads. Family used car, minivan, SUV off-road vehicle.

Portable Handle

There is a handle equipped in this airbag jack, which could make the jack easy to move and use for you.



  • Capacity: 3.0Ton (6600LBS)
  • Working Height: 5.3"-17" (13.5-42 cm)
  • Material: Steel Rubber
  • Weight: 43lb (19.5kg)
  • Dimensions (L* W* H): 20"*19"*7" (52*49*18cm)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 54 reviews
    Matthew James

    This jack is perfect! I use it every day for road side assistance work. It lifts up heavy SUV in seconds. It works on packed dirt and sand!

    Clarence Bryant

    Con, it does not lift my expedition tires completely off the ground. Sounds bad right? No it's good for me.
    I hit maximum lift height. it lifted the SUV up in 5 seconds or less. I don't see an adapter to raise the height another 2 inches. I could place something under the jack. Just to be safe I use a floor jack anyway, three pumps with the floor jack and good to go. All the weight is already lifted with the air jack. Cuts the effort way down swapping stud tires off and back on come winter.

    Irene Nelson

    This product is invaluable to anyone who regularly uses a lift. We inspect cars and this will save years of back pain as it makes the most labor intensive part of the job so much easier! I love it, and have purchased two so far. Well worth the money

    Carlos Perry

    I've used this jack for almost a year now and am very happy. I've used it to lift either the front or rear end of a number of vehicles including a Camry, Corolla, Solara, Landcruiser, Transit 1500 van, and more. The unit is reliable but I do have one recommendation - remove the screws and apply Loctite or your favorite medium strength thread locker. The screws came loose and air started to slowly leak. About 4-6 months after applying blue medium strength Loctite, I've not had a problem since. As a reminder, always use properly rated jack stands with any jack, including this one.

    Sandra Green

    Love this thing. Be patient and understand that the fitting it comes with will have to be changed out to what ever you use, it is a standard 1/4 in thread that will except American fittings.