3500PSI Electric High Pressure Washer with Touch Screen Adjustment Pressure NEW

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Customer Reviews

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Aleah Daniels

I am so impressed and happy with my Tumbling Dices pressure washer! So far I’ve only used it on my siding (see the pics, and that was without adding cleaner). I look forward to purchasing additional Tumbling Dices' products

Kristin Miller

Bought this pressure washer as it had thousands of reviews and stars. Now I know why. Great product with 5-6 nozzles, the spray gun. Easy to put together.My family always likes gas powered and I wanted electric. They were shocked at the power of this washer! I will say I have to figure out a way to not tangle the electric cord, the hose, and pressure hose

Anabella Murillo

What a great little machine. It was slow going but check out my pictures. I can't complain how it took 2 years of Florida mildew and grime off the pool deck. The wood looks new again and ready for its first stain.

Chris Chambers

Was not sure how the power would be. Received pressure washer today and started working on the fence. Did the whole back section and looks like new! Hopefully it lasts!!

Emilia Dillon

Apparently, there is a simulation game out there called Powerwasher Simulator where players literally clean surfaces and remove debris using a pressure washer. I received this last night and quickly set it up. It’s well-packaged and requires very little set-up. My son came into the room and said, “Wait until I get back from my internship and we’ll clean the porch together.” I laughed and he said, “No, I’m serious.” He reminded me before school as well. I got to use it maybe twice and we went through how to remove the pressure before changing out nozzles. Did a quick soap of the surface and I’m telling you, this little machine is powerful