4k 1080p Home Outdoor Movie Projector Full HD

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Customer Reviews

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Jasiah Petty

The projector is amazing and has an excellent value for money. I recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a compact but powerful projector. The quality surprised me and I'm usually very picky with the items I purchase online.

Hailey Ray

This mini projector is pretty much easy to plug in and play. Using it in the living room, it is bright enough and good to use outdoor, and it is small in size for a family trip.
Overall I am really satisfied with e projector and would like to recommend it.

Graham Barr

This projector was very user friendly. The image after focusing was clear and bright. I did not expect this much brightness. It comes with a tripod, HDMI cable, remote control, power cord. I bought it for my little son, but I also like to watch movie with it.

Janessa Moore

This is my first projector and I am actually pretty happy with the picture quality. It comes with a nice remote and a tripod. Sound is clear and loud enough. I think this is a great buy because the quality and the price.

Jonathon Harper

I was looking for a projector to do outdoor movies for my kids and this one fit the bill. We enjoy the portability as well as the picture quality of the projector. Also nice that you can just connect a firestick to it as well nad have all your apps you need. Highly recommend this projector.