5 In 1 Unoisetion Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine

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5-in-1 Unoisetion Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine

No more pricy medical procedures! The Professional Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine is now available for you to personally own in the convenience of your own home!

This device concentrates on the targeted area to produce skin renewal and body contouring benefits. Utilize effective calorie burning to get the outcomes you've always desired.

It will speed up metabolism, regain suppleness, and moisturise your skin while calming irritation. The entire procedure is easy to use and absolutely safe.

  • Remove Thigh Fat, Improve Dark Skin
  • Llift Buttock Contour And Elasticity
  • Burn Fat Cells, Remove Fat Belly
  • Tighten Arms, Remove Bat Wings Arms
  • Lift Facial Contour, Removal Wrinkle
  • Lift Eyes Sagging & Contour, Remove Eyebag Dark

benefits of 5 in 1 RF cavitation machine

Package Listing

  • 1 x 40KHz Unoisetion Cavitation Handle
  • 1 x Vacuum Biploar RF Handle
  • 1 x Three pole RF Handle for Face and Eyes\' Around
  • 1 x Quadrupole RF Handle for Face and Body
  • 1 x 6 pole RF Handle for Body
  • 1 x Power cord Power Supply Cord

women use 5 in 1 RF cavitation machine at home

Get The Most Effective Body Treatment at Your Home

Our Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment is perfect for people who want to reduce stubborn fat and contour their bodies.

The ultrasound waves are conducted through the skin to penetrate directly into the adipose tissue and break it up into small pieces causing micro-bubbles that turn fat into a liquid substance.

Once the fat is destroyed, it is removed from the body through your lymphatic and urinary system. It is comfortable, painless, and has a non-invasive fat and cellulite reduction process. You can see immediate results after the first treatment.

5 in 1 rf cavitation machine handle

Safe. Simple to use consistently

Flat Massage Handle:
Professional body massage handle focus on areas where fat tends to accumulate. The surface of the probe is designed flat, making sliding massage easier and labor-saving.

Vacuum Suction Massage Handle:
A large size 2-polar heating handle with the function of vacuum suction. Can be used on the body, especially in areas where fat is easy to accumulate. It can do a great job of relaxing your body, softening cellulite, and so on.

3-polar Massage Handle:
A small heating massage handle specially used for the eye’s around. It can help smooth fine lines, relieve eye fatigue and reduce eye bags, etc.

4-polar Massage Handle:
This handle is mainly designed for doing heat massage on the face. Its size is medium and has the ability to increase skin elasticity, tighten skin, etc.

6-polar Massage Handle:
Large size can be used in many parts of the body, suitable for relaxing, making skin more tender, etc.

Instruction on How To Use 5 in 1 cavitation machine

Instruction on How To Use

Carefully follow the steps for optimal effectiveness.
Step 1:
Turn on the machine and choose the desired handle.
Step 2:
Prepare a plate of water and clean the handle.
Step 3:
Set energy level to maximum then use handle to touch the water surface.
Step 4:
If you can see ripples on the water surface or hear a buzzing sound, that means the handle is working properly.

5 in 1 cavitation machine treatment step

How Many Treatment Is Recommended?

We recommend at least 3-5 days must be allowed between treatments in the same area.
Many people asked me if only one part of the body can be treated at each day? No, not only one part of the body can be treated to get rid of fat, you can treat your belly, waist, arm, thigh at the same time.

Remember to drink about 1 liter of water within 1 hour before RF Unoiestion Cavitation 2.0 treatment to help the liquid fat out of the body.

Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine

How Long Is Each Treatment?

It will take 30 to 60 minutes for each part of the body treatment, But it is not the same treatment time, the treatment time depending on the treatment, the area to be covered and the amount of work required for non-surgical inch loss and body contour treatment.


  • Power supply Input:100V-240V
  • Power :190W
  • Uoisetion 40K Cavitation Handle
  • Frequency:40KHz
  • Power:20W
  • Sextupolar 3D RF Handle for Body
  • Freqeuncy:1MHz
  • Power:50W
  • Quadrupole 3D RF Handle for Face and Body
  • Freqeuncy:1MHz
  • Power:50W
  • Three pole 3D RF Handle for face
  • Freqeuncy:1MHz
  • Power:30W
  • Vacuum Biploar 3D RF Handle
  • Freqeuncy:1MHz
  • Power:10W
  • Vacuum: <-80kPa
  • Pressure: >250kPa
  • Air flow: >10L/minute
  • Noise level: <70dB (30cm away)
  • Dimensions: 26*24*33 CM
  • Net Weight: 5.05 kg
  • Gross Weight : 5.85 kg
  • Input Power: AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
  • Display: Touch Screen

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Leona Watson

I love this little device! You need to read through the instructions well before using, but they also have little info cards that are very helpful! It's been a great addition to my nightly skin routine.

Carmen Dunn

Very pleased with this. . I highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from all types of acne like cysts. good quality company that makes great skin care products.

Maryann Flores

I honestly thought it was going to smaller. Honestly it is the perfect size. I personally do not believe that ultrasound can cure my skin? I bought it because i have to use different oils and it has always felt like filling a sponge with oil. It works amazingly!!!!!!!

Joyce Long

This is well worth its weight in gold. I he used it on my completion and families breakouts. Read the card and follow instructions. Would recommend to anyone with a child with acne, scars or discolored spots.

Patsy Vega

I bought this specifically for under my chin and neck area. I do not like the sagging skin that has developed over time. I have been using over a month now and I can tell a major difference as well as my mom and a few others that know me. I do use daily and nightly face creams as well and try to add the creams before using product 15 minutes at night on my neck. My mom and younger brother like the results on me so much they want to purchase product as well. Highly recommend for skin firmness and less appearance of wrinkles!!!