5 In 1 Unoisetion Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine

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Customer Reviews

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Leona Watson

I love this little device! You need to read through the instructions well before using, but they also have little info cards that are very helpful! It's been a great addition to my nightly skin routine.

Carmen Dunn

Very pleased with this. . I highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from all types of acne like cysts. good quality company that makes great skin care products.

Maryann Flores

I honestly thought it was going to smaller. Honestly it is the perfect size. I personally do not believe that ultrasound can cure my skin? I bought it because i have to use different oils and it has always felt like filling a sponge with oil. It works amazingly!!!!!!!

Joyce Long

This is well worth its weight in gold. I he used it on my completion and families breakouts. Read the card and follow instructions. Would recommend to anyone with a child with acne, scars or discolored spots.

Patsy Vega

I bought this specifically for under my chin and neck area. I do not like the sagging skin that has developed over time. I have been using over a month now and I can tell a major difference as well as my mom and a few others that know me. I do use daily and nightly face creams as well and try to add the creams before using product 15 minutes at night on my neck. My mom and younger brother like the results on me so much they want to purchase product as well. Highly recommend for skin firmness and less appearance of wrinkles!!!