8ft Inflatable Christmas Decoration Arch

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8ft Inflatable Christmas Decoration Arch

Festive Holiday Spirit- This year, spread holiday cheer with the help of this assortment of entertaining and amusing light-up inflatables! With vibrant LEDS, you can fervently demonstrate your holiday zeal both during the day and at night. This is ideal for livening up any Christmas gathering.

Inflatable Christmas decorations- an inflatable fan, ground stakes and tethers, sandbags, and a transformer adaptor are all included. These factors both make it stable and simple to use.

Self-Inflating- Using your new decoration is as simple as plugging it in thanks to the built-in inflation mechanism! When the holidays are gone, everything collapses just as effortlessly, conserving room in storage and simplifying cleanup!

Bright LED Lights And Colorful Polyester- These sturdy inflatable decorations sparkle brilliantly during the day thanks to the use of vibrant polyester, and at night, integrated LED lighting illuminate the entire scene

Safe, High-Quality & Durable-Waterproof durable polyester inflatable Christmas decoration that is 50% thicker than competitors, soft, firm, and makes it performs well in a variety of weather conditions. It is ideal for Christmas outdoor yard decorations. It is safe and a great bargain thanks to the UL-certified transformer adaptor.

You Can Set Up Christmas Scenes In Only MINUTES!

This year, you want to do something special for Christmas, something unique none of your neighbors will even consider! Maybe you are preparing for:

  • A holiday party you’d like to throw
  • Putting up something truly eye-catching and amazing in your front lawn
  • Inviting your family from out-of-state (and you want to have something to talk about!)

For all of these occasions and more, each and every one of these Christmas scenes will fit the bill!

Christmas Arch – This 8-foot Christmas arch is perfect for outside parties and entrances. Your guests will love walking through this very unique inflatable archway.

Pick your favorite today!

Package includes:

1*8 Feet inflatable Holiday Penguin
6*Plastic ground stakes
4*Black PP tethers(6.5’ of each)
 1*UL certified transformer adapter with cord
2*Sand bag

Worried about storage? Simply let the air out and fold it! 


Do not inflate during storms or strong winds.
Protect the fan and power cord from water.
Not for children under 3 years. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Amos Foster

This is my first inflatable and my daughter and I had it set up in minutes. You can stake it down and we only used two of the 4 provide because we added some heavy rocks to the base through the zipper at the bottom. This Grinch isn't sneaking off to cause mischief. The motor is fairly quiet and inflates fully in about 10 seconds. I'm not sure if the power brick is waterproof, so will wrap it in plastic to be on the safe side in case it rains. No snow here in South Florida.

It looks cute in the daylight, but really shines at night. There are two interior illuminating lights - one in the present and the other in the face. It would have been perfect if there was also one in the lower body, as it isn't quite as bright as I hoped. So far, so good. No leaks and it stays fully inflated until you power it off, and then it deflates rapidly when left alone. I see no issue for when I have to package it back up into its small box after the holidays. I recommend getting the Gemmy Airblown Grinch with Present Christmas Inflatable if that is your kind of yard decoration.

Myrtle Jefferson

i used it for my christmass lights. Looks great. Nice size .Had all season and no problem! My kids love it! Bought on sell so can't complain about value. Shipping was fast too. This arch is easy to set up. You just find a spot on the lawn, plug it in and it inflates. At 4 feet tall it is kind of small. It also fell over a lot until I found a more suitable place on the lawn. Also we decided to enhance it with tent stakes to keep it from falling over. I also thought the lights inside it were kind of dark. I wish they were brighter. However, as far as lawn Christmas decorations go this was among the easiest to set up -- only the star shower motions are easier.

Cora Patton

It works just fine. My daughter was so excited. She loves Max, so we needed one that included him.
My one frustration is that the Grinch’s head is heavy and tends to cause the entire thing to lean backward. Even with the stabilizing ropes and stakes holding him tight, I constantly had to readjust it. Having a stabilization rope for his head would have been ideal.
I will probably have to just make sure it’s leaning against a wall, in addition to the stabilizers for next year.

Harry Bridges

I FINALLY have a home where my lawn is visible from the street so I bought several decorations for Christmas and this is my favorite! It looks really nice, the nylon is sturdy and the fan is very powerful and keeps it blown up. To be on the safe side, I did buy a few tent stakes and some nylon cord to anchor it better because I would rather be safe than sorry, but I don't know that it would have had a problem with the straps and anchors provided.

Leon Allen

We wanted an overwhelming blow up display. This awesome arch santa (aka crotch santa) is great. It's large, it's sturdy, it's fantastic. I love him. It is not large enough to walk through, which was the original plan. Im 5'4" and i could not stand underneath him.