8ft Inflatable Santa With Led light Christmas Decoration

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8ft Inflatable Santa With Led light Christmas Decoration

Give your home a cosy Christmas environment since Christmas is almost here! For Christmas, don't you know how to match it? I recommend this 8-foot-tall Inflatable Garden Santa Claus Decoration with 4 String Lights to you right now! It is built of sturdy, high-quality materials, and at night, it looks even more lovely. What are you waiting for? It may be used repeatedly. Place your purchase as soon as possible!


1. Create a warm holiday atmosphere
2. Better effect at night
3. Rugged and durable
4. Easy to install
5. Can be used repeatedly


1. Dimensions: (94.49 x 29.13 x 32.68)" / (240 x 74 x 83)cm(L x W x H)
2. Height: 8ft
3. Weight: 3.75lbs / 1.7kg

Package Includes:

1 x 8ft Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus
4 x Plastic Plug
4 x Webbing
2 x 2m Drawstring

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Janet Price

I’m very pleased on how great quality is. Very easy to inflate and stake into ground. Highly recommend

Marilyn Bennett

Bright and tall. Good inflation. Sometimes the wind and rain knocks him down. Usually have to prop him up with our hand for proper inflation. Beard got dirty quick. Great addition to our collection.


This is a big and impressive-looking Santa inflatable. He takes a long time to inflate, but once he does, he has no problem staying inflated. He made a great addition to our decor this year.

The quality is average for this type of inflatable, which is to say not great, but not bad. We had him up for about six weeks without any problems. The neighborhood kids loved him.

Margaret Nelson

If you don’t get rain this is perfect. But if you get rain the stakes are not long enough to hold the weight. Constantly had to restake since the weight was pulling the stakes out. Need longer stakes.

Adam Johnson

The Good:
-Easy to inflate
-Looks great
-Easy to stake into ground
-Good value

The Bad:

The Bottom Line:
I’m using this inflatable Santa in my yard and it’s huge. It looks great and the neighbors love it. It inflates easily and is easy to stake into the ground. Overall, I would recommend this inflatable Santa for its size and ease of use.