Peek a Boo Singing Elephant

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✔️ Super Soft - Made From High-Quality, Huggable Plush Material.
✔️ Perfect Size - The elephant is 12 inches tall.
✔️ Interactive Fun - Sings, Dances, and plays peek-a-boo

"... My Daughter Absolutely Loves It. She Can't Get Enough"

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Meet Daisy's new best friend! The Elephant toy is the cuddliest plush toy around and is sure to make ANY baby smile!

"My Daisy is 6 months old and she always wants to play peek a boo. On a beautiful day, I found this cute elephant toy for babies and I decided to give it to Daisy. Awesome! She was really excited, I am sure every child in the world is attracted to this singing elephant." - Steph

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This Elephant toy for babies an adorable singing animated plush with two different play modes. Press the left foot to play an interactive game of peek-a-boo, and the right to hear the song 'Do Your Ears Hang Low' in a cute child’s voice. Ears move and flap during play. Surface-washable for easy cleaning.

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Let your Baby Love

There's nothing like that special bond between a child and his or her first plush toy. It is the perfect Elephant toy for babies specially designed to create lasting memories.

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  • Weight: 400g.
  • Height: 12 inches.
  • Material: PP Cotton.
  • Power: 3 x AA Batteries (Not Included)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Baby Animated Flappy Elephant Plush Toy.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Angel Townsend

    The twins just loved this and their Grammy says Clappy goes everywhere with them. Their older 4-year old sister also like him. Definitely a hit! Just a great gift and fun interactive toy.
    She dances while the elephant sings.
    Highly recommend!

    Blake Duncan

    We gave this adorable elephant to our 5 month old Grandson for Easter. He loves it! Now that he’s nearly 7 months he enjoys it even more. No matter what he is doing, when he hears “Hello, Baby!” he stops whatever he’s doing and watches her! The songs and peek-a-boo, with ears flapping up and down, are just adorable! What’s really nice is that if you’re getting tired of hearing it so many time, with a second push of the button in the foot, it shuts off. Definitely worth the cost and provides tons of enjoyment for Baby!

    Lucille Perry

    We've had this for over a year now and our daughter still loves it (17 month old)
    Her kissy elephant has been covered in oatmeal, milk and dirt but we wash him up every time and he comes out just as soft and cute as he was when we first got him.
    He's been stepped on a bunch and taken some damage and now when he kisses his hands don't go fully to his lips like they used to, which is a shame but our daughter learned how to blow kisses from him and we are absolutely happy with our purchase.
    Kissy Penguin is a great gift for the little loved ones in your life.

    Nina Little

    Baby loves this little elephant so much and I used it for tummy time practice. Every time I give one plush from this company the child keeps the doll for life! This is a great product for a baby or small child. Sweet and soft!

    May Powell

    My children have had one, my nephews have been sent them. I used this to help calm my crying daughters multiple times, it got to the point that she could turn it on herself and she would self soothe with it in the middle of the night. Its not too loud to wake others and its great for playtime and to sing your child to sleep