BuzzBGone – LED Mosquito Killer Lamp USB Powered Mosquito Catcher Zapper

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Susan Harris

I received this and I guess I shoulda pulled out a tape measure when I read the description. It is small hand held size device. I plugged it In to charge before heading off to the lake for camping.

We turned this on and I had my doubts. It wasnt making any noise and I didn’t hear any zapping! ( disappointing when u want those little blood sucking mosquitos to fry).

With in a half hour I was pleasantly surprised to check and see many bugs in the device(50 maybe?) and others flying around it including a couple little moths were drawn to the light.

So hey if they were in there. They weren’t biting me! It comes with a little brush to clear out the dead bugs . ( down fall in my opinion I don’t like maintenance when I am at the lake)

If you wanted to clear a larger area I would say you would need a few of these.

My daughter is a mosquito magnet( literally her 23 and me said her genetics are such.!) . So I may buy one for her too!

It definetely won’t clear out all the Minnesota mosquitos with only one. But it does work.

Howard Mitchell

Just recently bought this BUZZBGONE zapper after reading all the reviews. I definitely recommend it to future buyers that this little gizmo really works. I saw a bug flying in my room which I can't catch and I turned on the zapper & it did worked to lure the bag and zap it.
I have bought a lot of zapper and this is the wonderful little zapper yet powerful enough that really get yours at this website & you'll live bug free of the annoying bugs. Will definitely recommend to all my friends and family.
Thank you

Anthony Wright

Very easy use, charge and twist. Unfortunately I’ve not seen one insect caught since I had it. I’ve used it on my patio with hopes it would help with mosquitoes with no prevail. The attack me while the product was in use. I’m still using it in hoop to see at least one insect caught. I will change my review when insects are trapped.

Marie Rodriguez

These work great! I had repotted some indoor plants and all of a sudden we were overcome with tiny gnat like flies. These flies were driving us crazy buzzing around our face. We bought two of these bug zappers. These devices are small enough to put on your desk, they are rechargeable and they are effective.

Earl Mitchell

We spend a lot of time in the garage with the door open because of the heat. We turn it on and just let it go. It does work on the small flying insects.