Car Mattress Inflatable Air Bed Truck Back Seat Suv Sleeping Pad


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Jon Edwards

I was worried this would be too big for my car (2017 Chevy Cruze) but it fits perfectly! Very easy to inflate and deflate. I was surprised to find out that its two separate pieces & the pillows are separate as well but it does come with a small tote type bag for storage. The only real complaint I have is the part that is intended to cover the arm rest/air vents literally sticks straight up and doesn't do much covering at all more of a space hog. I haven't slept on it yet but I laid on it for awhile and it seemed decent. DEFINITELY beats a tent.

Desiree Butler

I purchased this mattress for an upcoming road trip and tested it out yesterday. It was very easy to inflate and came with really nice pillows that are firm enough to support your head but still soft. The mattress is also firm and supports my weight well, I weigh 250 pounds and it had no trouble at all supporting my weight. There is a coating on the top side of the mattress and pillows that makes it not feel cold when you first lay down and it is very nice. I also just checked it a few minutes ago and it is not leaking down like other mattresses I’ve had. I will definitely recommend

Justin Dean

Fast and simple inflating and deflating.Storaing is easy and. Impact in it's pouch. So glad we purchased this and we want more products to add to our lifestyle !!

Gerald Ramsey

Comfortable! Works perfect in the back seat of my 17 Silverado. If you put your front seats half way up it makes out to be a really wide bed in the back. Takes about 2 minutes to inflate and put in. Perfect for someone on the road a lot. Definitely would recommend.

Bennie Gutierrez

It is in fact easy to inflate. It is maybe about an inch thick and extremely uncomfortable. I wish I would have not wasted my money on this item. I could have spent it on a foam mattress topper that I can fold and put in a storage container. As soon as you lay on this inflatable item it doesn’t even feel as though you are laying on it. I spent 2 miserable nights out at a campground , and aggravated cause I was tired and I wasted my money