Diamond Tester - Professional Jeweler Detector for Novice and Expert - Diamond Selector 2

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Harris

I am glad this wasn't expensive. It worked immediately. I need it to decipher antique jewelry. Thanks!

Shawn Wilson

Works really good found some real diamonds that I thought was fake all and all good product

Anna Torres

I buy estate and vintage jewelry. Was happy to discover I had several pieces of jewelry with diamonds I would not of known otherwise. A great inexpensive tool.

Laura Carter

I love it because now I do have a a peace of tool that give me the opportunity to see if the stone that I have is a real diamond or not and that give me the opportunity to make my life a little bit mora happy and for the price it's just one of the best tool I had bought and that tool all ready had make my day by discovered that one peace of jewelry that I love very much it have real diamonds and that make my world very happy.

Kevin Thomas

If you are trying to distinguish between diamond and moissanite, then this won't work for you. Both my moissanite and diamond rings both set off the sound (and same color patterns). I also got a positive result for my sapphire ring. I'm not too shocked since sapphire and moissanite are at a 9 and 9.25 on the Mohr hardness scale (diamond is at a 10). However, for my travel rings with CZ/simulated diamonds, there was no sound at all. I am planning on using this to verify that any jewelry I order from online is authentic, but I will also be inspecting the stones with my loupe.