Dual Wavelength Laser Lipo Belt with 105pcs LED Bulbs - Fat Reduction, Cellulite Treatment, Skin Tightening and Led Light Therapy

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Kenny Wilkins

So far my family and I have used it for weightloss, and pain relief. This belt is the real deal. It works!!!! I put it on for the first time lastnight watching "Hercules" ( a must see by the way) and when I took it off, I actually felt my tummy tightened. I really like this product, It works in a gentle way, it doesn't hurt and sometimes you forget you have it on. It helps with muscle pain and digestion. I love it

Douglas Blake

I haven't used it enough yet to notice any difference. However, I do like to turn it on and place my feet on it after work. It feels wonderful! And since it doesn't run on batteries, I can use it as long as I want without having to worry about it going dead like the individual foot vibration massage things I bought a few years ago. Haven't tried it on my back yet, just my stomach, trying to get rid of my belly fat, lol, but only used it a couple times so far, so I'll have to update at a later time

Marc Bush

Get this device please it is working well for me at the moment. Always remember to eat right and exercise as well. These type of products work in addition to healthy eating habits & exercise. Even if it’s simple exercise like Yoga, walking etc. love yourself. Stop strolling down trying to find something wrong. Get this device😘😘

Isabel Adams

I have been using this product for a while. I can say that this product changes my body shape dramatically, but it is a really good vibration massage machine. Also, it does help bowel movements The overall quality looks good. It has 4 modes with different types of moderation at different intensity levels. It is easy to use. Especially at this specific time, I am working from home. It is very convenient to use it while I am working. I will keep on using it. I hope I can see the effect soon!

Lynda Robbins

You will definitely lose inches if you're smart about it. I do yoga, intermittent fasting and this was just a BOMB on top of what I am doing. I can see my lower abdomen becoming slimmer. In fact, I like it soooo much that I bought one for my mom for her birthday.