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Emily Hunter

Good little heater for our outdoor patio. Only leaving a review in case anyone wants to buy this heater and has a hard time finding a tripod for it. We found a tv tripod stand on Amazon that not only fits it - but let’s you tilt it up and down.

Robin Vargas

As you can see from the picture, we're using this directly over one set of chairs, and I'm about to buy another for the other side of the patio. It definitely throws enough heat to make the area near it warm, although our entirely open-sided space has been a challenge.

Packaging was really good -- I had tried another company when this heater was out of stock, and had to return the alternate one because of missing parts, damage, etc. This one from Dr. Infrared arrived VERY safely packaged, and the instructions are clear and detailed. (Make sure you have two set of pliers or adjustable wrenches on hand, though: you'll need them to tighten the two main bolts.) Mounting the heater is a two-person job, though it's very light and really easy to do.

Definitely recommend.

Allen Martinez

My woodworking shop takes up one space of a three car garage and in the winter, it's not uncommon to be in the low 50's. The space is not partitioned off with a curtain or anything (as my wife will tell you as she brushes sawdust off her car). I mounted this heater on the ceiling(*) near the end of my assembly table and I have no problem feeling the heat it generates while working there which is all I was looking for. I'll go out with a sweatshirt and within an hour I need to take it off. I never expected it to raise the temperature of the garage much, although after a few hours, it will go up 3 or 4 degrees and if I'm out there for an extended time, it gets over 60 which is warm enough to apply finishes. :-)

The only issue I've had is with the remote control. The fit and finish is pretty cheap and I need to be very close to to get it to respond. Last week the heater developed a problem where once I turned it on, if I made adjusts it would shut the heater down. I contacted the Tumbling dices' customer service and they suggested trying a new remote that arrived within two days which seems to have solved the problem. We'll see how long this remote lasts. Other than that, I'm very happy.

(*) For those of you who are looking at doing a ceiling mount, I had first thought that mounting the heater directly over the assembly table would provide the best heat. To my surprise, I found that I got better overall coverage of the table with it at the end pointed at an angle to "wash over" the work area. Besides, from what I gleaned from the manual, a straight down direction is not a correct installation.

Dixie Reid

Product arrived really fast, and was well packaged. This was very easy to install. I bought this as my wife wanted to have some heating on our front. I choose this item because unlike a conventional heaters this uses infa red which isn’t effected by a breeze or wind.

Brittany Gibbs

It can pull up to 15 amps so don’t crank it all the way to high if you have other things on the same circuit.
It GREAT on our screen porch when it is cool.