Electric Snow Cone Machine Ice Shaver Maker

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Jaiden Mejia

This product is great for the price. Easy to use and easy cleanup. The machine is fairly small but the bucket holds enough crushed ice for 6-8 snow cones at a time when filled (more/less depending on the size of your snow cones). My family loves it and I am extremely pleased with the purchase.

Macie Melendez

This sno cone machine is great for both kids and adults. Kids get to make sno cones and adults can create their own beverages.
Easy to use, efficient, and the hit of any party or get together. Overall—-wonderful product!

Grady Goodwin

It's a great value for the price! I have had this machine around a month. I have made at least 50 snow cones for the family. It's so easy everyone wants a snow cone every day. It is the go to snack everyday.
If my family only used it for one summer I would 100% say it was worth its value!
I feel very safe with the way it turns off when the lever is not pressed down.

Definitely would recommend!

Jocelyn Larson

I think this is a great snow cone machine. I bought it to have snow cones at my daughters 6th birthday and it was a hit. Makes ice quickly and is crushed pretty fine. We’ve been making snow cones almost every night since buying it. It’s an easy dessert and a fun one during the summer months. We make one and take a walk around the block after dinner. The 4 slots on the side make it easy to hold your cone while making one for the whole family. We used a kool aid packet recipe from Pinterest for our flavors. 1 and 1/2 cups of sugar mixed with one cup of water - per packet. Boil the sugar and water, let cool, and then mix in your favorite flavor packet! It’s yummy! Enjoy!

Corey Acevedo

I really got this just because I wanted to be able to have snowcones whenever I wanted. What I wasn't prepared for was that I would use this everytime I use ice for any of my drinks

Once you have the ice slushi-fied, you can fill up a cup and pour in a coke or your favorite soda. It pretty much taste like a slushie you would get at a gas station. Anyways, if you like Snowcones, Slushies, or chewing on delicate ice, I would 100% recommend this product