Foldable Dog Ramp for Bed

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Customer Reviews

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Aydin Wiggins

We haven't needed the portability aspect of the ramps, yet, but will be taking the ramps with us for trips anywhere other than to her orthopedic surgeon's office where we know they are wheelchair accessible

Zariah Perkins

When finished using them to get into or out of our house, they slide back just as easily

Tim Buchanan

I purchased this not knowing how my dog would like it, so I didn’t want a super expensive one. It was very easy to set up, and it’s very sturdy for my dogs. I have two Yorkies, so they’re not big dogs- they’re very small and they seem to like it.

Delbert Watson

I have a 16 year old cat who would stand with his front paws on the top of my bed’s mattress. He would meow like crazy. It seemed he wanted to jump up but couldn’t. I tried a set of chairs for him. He liked rubbing on them but had no interest in actually using them. He went up this ramp the first day. I don’t think he understands he could also go down on the ramp but it solved our problem and we are both happier campers.

Karl Hudson

I have two of these ramps now. They look great and have a nice finish. Yes, the upholstery is a microfiber material and it took a coupe of tries for my dog to get used to that slightly slippery feel. I put a towel over the ramp to give him a little more friction until he was comfortable enough to go up and down without a towel in place. They are easy enough to fold and carry throughout the house. They are the perfect height for my sofa and a bed that does not have a really tall frame. Overall, very pleased.