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Carrie Robinson

Wow! That’s all I can say. I was experiencing terrible back and neck pain. My chiropractor wasn’t able to do much more to relieve my pain. He recommended I watch “The Earthing Movie.” I did. I immediately got on Tumbling dices and ordered this full mat after watching the film. I’ve been using the mat now for a week, while I sleep at night, and I am experiencing a noticeable pain DECREASE in my neck and back. My chiropractor has noticed the tension dissipate and has been more effective at moving me back into place. Thank you!

Hope Wright

With complex health issues, I was waking up often in the night in pain, needing to change positions to find relief. The first night I used the Earthing Pad was the first night in years that I did not wake up because of body pain. The pad is comfortable and cool (I tend to sleep hot, so all I have to do is move my feet and I can find a cool spot). I sleep directly on the pad (though they say you can put a sheet over it, that didn't work as well for me). It works so well for me my doctor has suggested I get a smaller one to use under my feet when I am sitting.

Susan Kennedy

We've used it 1 week and notice a difference in energy, clarity, and swelling.
Compared to Dr's and pills that just mask pain, this is a bargain. Easy to use, the full fits fine on our Queen bed. Shipped quickly. I've recommended this to several friends already.

Edgar Horton

I love how it fits under my sheets . I don’t even notice it’s there. Even the dog sleeps on it when her arthritis flares up. I’m sleeping much better. I unplugged it for a month to see if I noticed a difference. Found myself sleeping more restless and consuming more turmeric. I won’t be unplugging it again. Ever! I love it.

Esther Crawford

This earthing mat is amazing and my husband and I are very happy that we bought this. It fits easily and to the edges of our Queen size bed (we bought the double size). The mat is comfortable and soft to sleep directly on, if wanting the full benefits with skin contact. We are both waking up feeling refreshed and alive and full of beans after only 5-6 hours sleep on this mat, normally we would need 8 hours each and we would still feel stiff and sore getting up in the morning. This mat obviously dramatically improves sleep and reduces inflammation. We feel we are getting better quality sleep and in a reduced number of hours. We have only been using this mat for 3 nights, however was our experience after the first night! Definitely do yourself a favor and try this.