Steel Roof Basket Carrier Rack Car Top Luggage Cargo Storage Traveling

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Steel Roof Basket Carrier Rack Car Top Luggage Cargo Storage Traveling


You can store extra luggage, camping equipment, cargo bags, and more on Onebigoutlet's exciting new roof rack. Designed with outdoor explorers in mind. With four universal U-bolts, installation is simple. There are lots of tie-down points on the bottom metal bars and side rails. A wind fairing made of steel is also included. Carry large goods and mount accessories directly to the roof rack cargo basket's crossbars or straight bars.


  • Ideal for transporting extra cargo bags, camping gear, luggage, and more.
  • Ideal for a long road trip with a large group of friends or family.
  • Suitable for the majority of vehicles
  • Steel construction that is heavy-duty and long-lasting.
  • Finish: black powder coat
  • Wind resistance and noise are reduced with the addition of a steel wind fairing.
  • Bottom metal bars and side rails keep your goods secure while also giving lots of tie-down places.
  • 4 U-bolts secure it to the vehicle's crossbars.
  • Side rails that are 5.5" tall and 1" in diameter keep cargo in place.
  • Metal bottom bars that are heavy-duty
  • Wind resistance and noise are reduced by using a steel wind fairing.
  • Simple to put together
  • In comparison to others, it is extra large in size and capacity.



  • Color: Black
  • Weight Capacity: 150LBS
  • Wind Fairing Dimension: 33.5" x 7"
  • U-Bolt Spacing: 4.65" wide x 1.375
  • Overall Dimensions: 43"(L) x 39"(W) x 6"


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Tiffany Stephens

Very little wind noise while traveling, and looks awesome too.
Great product

Josephine Wise

It worked just fine. Took it out for a week and it endured heavy wind/rain.

Kristine Bryan

If you're looking for a roof basket, then this is the one you need! Was always skeptical about roof baskets, since most in this tube-frame style are steel which is prone to rust, and also seeing lots of horrible reviews online about the bars being improperly welded or not lining up. But decided on this rack

Jo Shelton

Really easy to install. Great bang for the buck, the ratchet straps are solid, the rainproof bag and mesh are great quality.

Alison Simmons

Great price and great accessories however the quality is just not there