Heavy Duty 3 Ton Electric Portable Car Scissor Jack Floor Lift

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Customer Reviews

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Annette Norman

I wish I had known about this years ago. A snap to use, low enough start position to get under my Porsche 944, plenty of power, no need for space for a jack handle. The remote control is a great added feature. Very happy with the product.

Roberta Norris

Awesome jack. Easy to use comes in a nice kit. Can use for cars low to the ground or higher cars. Thumbs up!!

Cheryl Mcdonald

It will be better if steel were used in all parts of it, like on the motor why plastic gear, and for manual adjustment it's a plastic. It did its job but needed to be more solid.

Hugh Reynolds

I haven't used it yet, and hope i'm never given the opportunity to do so. But if the need arises, i feel i'll be protected with this easy to use unit. Stores away in my little car without taking up much space at all in the trunk. Love it, so far!

Patty Marshall

Product works great, lifts Honda sedan, quickly removes lugs, up and down easy to operate. Highly recommend to carry in cars for the time you will need and wish you had ordered. Roadside is not always available and with lugs now put on with impact wrenches everyone has problems removing them. This product will ensure everyone in the family can change the tire when a flat happens.