Heavy-Duty Electric Concrete Cement Cutting Saw 14"

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Customer Reviews

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Sandra Miller

This saw is a beast. It takes a little while to get the hang of it but once you learn how to use it's easy. Make sure to read the instructions if you’ve never used a saw like this. Wear steel-toed boots, dust masks, ear protection, and a face shield. And stand to the side of the saw, not directly behind it in case of kickback.

Peter Barnes

Cut a new door wall opening in existing old brick. Ran like a champ. Not too heavy. And had more than enough power for much more. Plan on cutting basement floor for perimeter inside tile and sump. Have a slab-on-grade house job coming up to remodel and move pipes on the floor. Nice water hook up, valve and spray.

Julia Gonzalez

Love this saw! Starts easily. Runs great. I usually cut bluestone and granite with a diamond blade using water.

Catherine Griffin

We buy a dozen of these per year for the last decade. Rock-solid saws and work great

Anne Ward

It is heavy at first. With proper maneuvering, it cuts rocks like butter. Applying water works best with less dust in the air. I love this machine. I love it. I have three trimmers. Every 4 hours I adjust the belt tensioner as instructed by Loosening and then tightening the three nuts.