Hot Ultrasonic Handheld Plastic Welder Machine Kit

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Hot Ultrasonic Handheld Plastic Welder Machine Kit

Are you looking for a plastic welder to add to your repair toolbox? Our pvc welding machine was designed to generate enough heat to melt plastic for quick and easy repair.


Easy To Use: Replacing automotive parts may be made easier with the help of a plastic welder machine. All you have to do is insert the appropriate staple into the ultrasonic plastic welder, turn it on, and push it onto the plastic component that needs to be repaired.

Ergonomic: When working on repairs, the ultrasonic plastic welder fits easily into your hand and is designed to be accurate. The easy-to-grip handle gives you full control of the hot plastic stapler, ensuring flawless repairs every time.

Quick Operation: It only takes a few seconds for the plastic welder to heat up and melt the concrete. When you move the PVC welding machine over a sheet of dense plastic, the plastic melts instantly and without any effort.


Material: ABS
Input Current: 0.5A.
Output Voltage: 0-50V
Output Current: 0-15A
Output Power: 0-50W
Overheat Protection.
Machine Size: 225 * 155 * 40mm / 8.* * 6.1 * 1.6in.
Power Core Plug Cable Length: 1.30m (4.3ft).
Weight: 498g / 1.10lb
Package size: 285 * 195 * 45mm / 11.2 * 7.7 * 1.8in
Package weight: 922g / 2.03lb

Packing List:

1 * Plastics Welding Machine
50 * Flat Staple
50 * Outside Corner Staple
50 * Inside Corner Staple
50 * Waves Staple
1 * Carry Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
James Adams

I love this thing. Bought it for a new hydro system we're developing and it works like a charm in its primary role of welding the HDPE, but I also use it for shrink tubing and shrink wrap, very handy tool. The digital controls are sweet, just dial in your temp, wait about 30 seconds for the unit to warm up and you're there. Oh, and very straightforward and easy to use, didn't even need the manual.

Martin Cooper

This worked better than we had hoped for repairing a playground slide that had split on back side. The slide is quite expensive and this was a cost effective repair. And now they found a way to repair some plastic park garbage can swing lids.

Tyron Brown

makes plastic reworking easier. you just need to practice a little bit to become good at it. the more you do it the better you will become but you need a tool like this to become better. A soldering iron does has its limits.

Roy Price

I am only learning to weld plastics, but I have found this very useful. It is a little difficult to operate the lock and to switch between C and F, but I have not had issues with the temperature changing unless I want it to when I use it with the lock off, and there is not really a reason to switch between F and C unless I am playing around

Katey Ortiz

Good product. My husband uses it for his truck and he loves it. No complains with it