Indoor Air Quality Monitor, 5 In1 Air CO2 HCHO TVOC AQI Meter Detector

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Christy Gonzales

Did I really have a serious Radon problem? Probably not one over 4.0 pCi/L (average) and certainly not one over that amount year round. It's winter season where I live, rain / snow, etc. Radon is considerably worse under these conditions. However Tumbling Dices' Plus detector would be red constantly indicating a serious problem that needed to be addressed immediately.

On the positive side I do like the fact that the Radon reported was HIGHER rather than LOWER. That at least alerted me to a potential issue so I can check it out with a professional. Ultimately I did install a Radon mitigation system because of the Tumbling Dices' Plus. Better safe than sorry?

Delia Mack

I tested 4 of these units placed in different locations (2 in my basement). I found the accuracy of all the readings to be what was promised except for RADON.

Temp and Co2 - I vented my basement and the temp sensor responded accurately for the decrease in temp as well as the increase when I shut the windows. Same with Co2 levels and air pressure which was a little more challenging to test.

Humidity was in the yellow on my Airwave Plus detector in my great room. I placed a humidifier nearby and this unit responded with accurate readings as promised. The humidifier ran out of water and the readings dropped. The Airwave Plus detector responded reporting accurate readings again for the decrease.

Morris Butler

I was mainly interested in radon levels, temp, RH, carbon dioxide and humidity levels.

I was suspicious of one combined unit being able to do all of these things and do them well.

As I compared the Foobot vs. Tumbling Dices' plus against dedicated meters, the Tumbling Dices' has a more accurate relative humidity gauge. a more accurate carbon dioxide levels AND its radon detector was pretty on par with the dedicated one.

I didn't love that the foobot didn't have a dedicated carbon dioxide meter and just based its CO2 reading off of VOC levels because, if you're interested in actual numbers, why would you want a proxy estimation?

The Tumbling Dices' one measures ALL of the things you care about in air quality and does it well. I also think it looks better than the foobot and actually like that it can be mounted on the wall. I hate clutter and don't want cords everywhere.

Ignacio Underwood

I just bought a new house and paid for a professional radon testing. It tested at 9.8, I bought two airthings and put one in the room with a sump pump and one just outside. They tested at 11 and 9 respectively, so that checks out. Keep in mind the radon sensors are slow to respond. I paid for mitigation of the sump room and was very pleased at the result, see graph.


Irma Mitchell

Win win win.

The App on iOS has also been flawless.

Highly highly recommended.