Indoor Full Spectrum Hydroponic LED Grow Light

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Customer Reviews

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Angela Miller

I got this to help keep some of my potted outdoor plants alive and thriving through the winter. I set it on a timer and hung it rather high up over a few plants and ornamental trees that go back out in spring. Seems to be doing OK for now. I know this product may not really be intended for this, but I wasn't happy with the fluorescents I used last year. This seems to simulate sunlight a bit better than a four foot shop light does. I'm not getting leaf drop like I was last winter too. It does put off some heat, but nothing too bad considering these plants spend all summer on a deck in the South.

Keith Evans

My peppers started sprouting new growth all over the stems and produced new blossoms wherever possible.

James Cooper

I liked this light for the price. Ended up ordering a second one. If you can’t afford a QB these lights really aren’t bad for the money. Of course, a full spectrum light will give much better results. These did just fine though. Upgraded my tent to a QB recently, and am moving these into my greenhouse for seed starting, and micro greens.

Wanda Richardson

What can I say? It works! I hooked this up on Sunday, and 4 days later, I'm seeing significant growth on my first avocado plant.

Sara Jones

Nice led light. Definitely satisfied with this purchase