Inflatable Freestanding Boxing Reflex Punching Bag Stand

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Inflatable Freestanding Boxing Reflex Punching Bag Stand

Are you looking for a beginner inflatable reflex punching bag? Our free-standing punching bag is ideal for you or your child to practise those kicks and punches. Simple to assemble and transport from one location to another!

Are you a shy person who prefers to do your exercise routines at home? For whatever reason, this is a fantastic piece of equipment that is well worth purchasing. If you want your child to learn martial arts, our inflatable punching bag stand is perfect for them. It is a low-cost investment that is also effective for training.

You should get your own inflatable stand-up punching bag to join the trend. Pump air into those inflation holes and fill the base with either water or sand, and you're ready to let go of those emotional stresses while burning calories, building muscles, and increasing your strength.


PORTABLE AND STRONG: Practice your kicks and punches wherever and whenever you want! It could be inside your bedroom or outside in your garden. If you want to set it aside for the time being, it's simple to assemble and disassemble by simply deflating it. It is made of environmentally friendly PVC. Durable and dependable for your daily activities.

MULTI-TRAINING: Perfect for honing your punches or learning a precise kick for your Muaythai training session. Whether it's boxing or martial arts, it's fantastic for honing your skills and learning new moves.

COST-EFFICIENT: It's a practical choice for a low-cost investment if you want to have access to your own free-standing punch bag. Instead of going to the gym every day, you can save money by training and exercising in the comfort of your own home.


  • Condition: Brand New
  • Material: Made of PVC
  • Dimension: 61inch/155cm
  • Boxing post diameter: 14”/35cm
  • Color: Black
  • Model: Punching Bags
  • Type: Standing Bag


1x Inflatable Boxing Bag(Pump Not Included)

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Vivian Glover

really love this, It only took about 10 mins to blow up fully and came with clear instructions too

Jannet Armstrong

Amazing! Love this! Really good value for money. Perfect present and actually really sturdy and strong!

Tod Alex

it does not come with inflation tool.. you need to inflate it like a balloon and fill the lower part with water.. it is a must for every house

Ron Jensen

Fantastic good for kids down side has water and air up side is air

Hope Garza

It’s amazinggg but looses air soon that’s the only problem other wise it’s perfect and I love using it