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Markus Ritter
Reasonable Delivery

Delivery from CA to WI was only six days via USPS and I was happy.

kendall smith
Good for Spare AidSe

Seems to be ok useing for spare, have good one from VA

Joy Lynch

Moved mother into memory Care facility and her $6000 hearing aids were lost within 2 weeks. Purchased these as replacements and they actually work better than the ones she had. Benefits include not needing to purchase batteries because rechargeable. Can charge with USB or in wall outlet. Purchased blue because easier to find. Fantastic purchase!

Ora Malone

I love my new hearing aid amplifiers. It amplifiers all sounds I turn it on when one person I talking in the room. Because when a person is away from me and or not facing me I cannot hear.

Preston Meyer

I bought these to see how bad my hearing was since the audiologist told me I needed hearing aids & my hearing was quite affected. $3,000 to $6,000 hearing aids. Not happening with no insurance coverage for even a portion of the cost.

I took the audiologist test to an old friend who used to be in the business, he said I am no where close to needing the expensive aids. They are custom made, programmed to the persons specific hearing loss and at some point I will want that. He said my loss is significant, and I do need aids, but should try more generic amplifiers- they amplify everything, not specific to what you need.

Anyway, I got these to start with, an yes, I do need hearing aids. I realized sounds in my home that I never knew were there. I am able to put the tv on volume 6-7, not 18-20, big difference. I keep the captions on though, I’m so used to them.
These particular hearing aids are amplifiers. They are not great quality- the choices of modes do not work as stated in the instructions. The sound can be tinny and sometimes just hearing things you haven’t heard, or at least not clearly is unnerving. Anyway, I’ve gotten used to wearing them when I think I need to, and not all the time. For the cost, they are fine for now.

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