Large Metal Chicken Coop Run Walk-in Poultry Cages

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Carly Gonzales

We call this the chicken house. When looking for additional space for our flock of 4 I wasn't sure what type of run or structure to get that would keep the chickens in and our cats out. Took a chance on this coop cage. It was just the ticket.

* Easily put together
* Ample space for a small flock
* Existing coop fits inside
*The chickens stay in and the cats stay out (along with other unwanted critters)

Mohammad Reilly

Currently, I love it. Who ever thought of coating chicken wire was a pure genius. The wire is long enough to cover the entire pen and then some! I skirted the entire thing and still have some left over. I wish I I knew this going in. I would have made a wider skirt around the perimeter. The door does have a gap. I wrapped the door separately and cut the front panel wide so when the door is shut it is completely sealed (not perfect but good enough for me) the tarp yes, suck, it’s purely a shade tarp and most definitely collects water but for the money. I love this thing.

Angelica Mcbride

Our new hens love the extra space. So thumbs up from them.I did put a few pin holes in the tarp. It bowed down with water. No problem

Gwendolyn Valentine

Seemed a little loose. But after set in place was much better. I used a few pieces of conduit I had on hand to stiffen it up. Not required of course. But I install and set equipment up so I usually go a bit overboard..I would purchase again and recommend to even a novice.

Stephen Schaefer

Only the gate was bolt together. And they included the wrench for that.
The wire is more time consuming to cut and install. But still not a problem.
I’m very happy with the product over all.