Leg Compression Massager With Heat For Circulation

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Leg Compression Massager With Heat For Circulation

Massage the pain away at home and recover faster without moving a muscle. Whether you're an athlete, a fitness fanatic, or have symptoms of leg discomfort. The FullCare Max Leg Massager has a plethora of features that will ease painful joints and massage your leg muscles. The wraps go all the way down your leg, from thigh to toe. And gives you an at-home spa day every day for a fraction of the price.

  • One-size-fits-all, with adjustable Velcro, stretchy material, and ergonomic design.
  • Uniquely designed to wrap the entire leg from thigh to toe with 360° coverage.
  • Personalized massage sessions with 6 massage modes, 3 intensity levels, and 2 heat options.
  • Rapid-heating and quick soothing effects, it takes only 10 minutes to start feeling the therapeutic benefits of the massage.


Eliminates Swelling & Poor Circulation

If left untreated, leg swelling is quite troublesome and a source of many future worries. The FullCare Max Leg Massager pushes built-up fluids into the lymphatic system and out of the body. Through gentle compressions and soothing vibrations.

Enhance Recovery & Relaxation

Rest periods are key for injury recovery. The FullCare Max Leg Massager has a variety of massage techniques that address many issues and sports injuries. It grants you the optimal way to relieve fatigue and muscle soreness and get the most out of your rest days.

Instantly Relieves Legs Pain & Fatigue

After a long day at work, whether you're sitting or standing. The FullCare Max Leg Massager can relieve your joints and muscle pain as fast as 10 minutes. It features fast heating capability and gentle air compression with customizable intensities.


Kneads Those Muscle Knots

It doesn't matter where the pain is. Because the FullCare Max Leg Massager will reach that spot. The leg and foot wrap covers your leg from tip to tip and starts kneading your muscles through compression, heat, and vibration.

Leg compression wrap massager

Natural Home Treatment

The leg massager kneads the tension out of the small muscles in your legs, and cleanses your tissues of accumulated toxins. This process helps your tissues heal faster in the event of an injury or health problem. Which relives your immune system.

Slip-on, Press Start, Kick Back, and Relax to The Max

If you're sensitive to the cold, or if you work from home, you'll need that extra soothing vibe. FullCare Max Leg Massager has an ergonomic design that surrounds your legs and isn't too bulky to impede your movement allowing you to wear it while lying down.


Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Keith Hughes

The massage boots are good and large. I have huge calves, and this device has large enough boots to enclose my feet and legs.

Julia Morris

Putting them on is a bit of a hassle. I hope it will become easier as I use them more. The air compression massage works well.

Brian Cox

Wow! It's like receiving a private massage at home! With the instructions, it's incredibly simple and requires little effort! I'll maintain the first degree of intensity. When inflated up, it is somewhat constricting but rapidly releases.

Dorothy Wilson

It's very easy to use, just plug the remote in and plug the air hoses into the remote and you are off and running! Couldn't be simpler.

Sean Rogers

Sometimes buying online is a crapshoot. In the instance of this product, it seems to be one bet worth making if you are looking for this type of device. Just received mine today. I have used it three times and am most impressed with the results thus far.