Makeup Vanity Table With Led Lights

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Alonzo Adkins

Great vanity. The big drawer is very spacious and can store a lot of stuff. The 4 small drawers are also spacious and can store quite a few things in them. The vanity table is spacious as well. The mirror was clean when it arrived, and the lights work great. As an added bonus, the set up was SO easy and only took 30-45 minutes. Overall great vanity. Will have to update later after I have had it for longer.

Levi Todd

This delivered on time and no damage. It was packed in the box nicely with lots of thick styrofoam to protect it. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and it was very easy to put together. 2 screws and washer to attach each leg, the top part with the 4 little drawers and the mirror, the lights screw in and the wires get connected from light to light to complete a chain and then the last light connects to the plug. Took about 20minutes to a half hour to put together including unpacking it. Works great and lights “ARE” dimmable. I saw some reviews that say they are not but the in fact are. You just need to hold the power button to dim. Overall very happy with my purchase and would recommend

Lionel Williams

This little beauty was easy to put together, and feels pretty sturdy even for a tall teen. Take time with the lights, there's only one way to connect them, if you find yourself about to force it Stop, it's upside down 😊. This arrived before Thanksgiving with a cracked mirror, return process was a breeze at UPS drop off and thank you tumbling dices for having it replaced quickly!

Kim Cohen

The way it arrived is super easy to put together, I did it by my own in about 1 hour and a half. The material is good. It is well painted, the mirror is beautiful! The seat is good quality but don't move to much when you seat! I've been using this for almost a month and I have absolutely no complains. For the price this is really good. Is perfect to fit in a small room. I love it and if you are looking for a small beautiful vanity, get this!

June Gill

This is my first time buying a vanity set, and I decided to buy this because of the price and small size. I have a smaller room and the dresser was perfect! I was a bit worried after reading other reviews that it would be too small for me, but Its definitely a good fit for someone like me that is around 5'4 and under. Also, as a heavier girl I was worried about the bench being sturdy enough, and to my shock it wasn't wobbly at all and felt very strong! Of course I wouldn't recommend jumping or standing on it, but it will definitely hold up for daily sitting use.

As for building it, I was honestly expecting to take much longed to assemble all the pieces. I was so happy to see that the instructions were easy to follow and all the parts and screws are labled. I built it alone and finished in less than 3 hours with little difficulty. I am definitely NOT a handy person, but was able to assemble everything with just a normal screwdriver. It also comes with a tiny screwdriver to use for hard-to-reach each spots. The only part that I would recommend getting help with is when you put the mirror on. Doing it alone was quite tricky, and Its definitely a risk to do it alone because you could drop and break the mirror.

The dresser looks so cute after its finished! It was definitely worth the time and money.