Outdoor Adjustable Cushioned Chaise Lounge Chair with Folding Canopy

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Malakai Wade

The nice little shade is awesome for when you just want your face shaded… It can also be pushed back if you don’t want to use it. The chair is sturdy and nice quality. It is easy to pick up and go if you want to take it to the beach or Lake.… My whole family loves his chair and we will be needing to buy more so we don’t fight over it…haha! I’m very pleased with the purchase!!!!

Jerome Carey

Comfy and significantly less expensive than similar chairs at retail stores. This chair requires almost no assembly except for snapping on the snack and beverage tray. The chair is extremely comfortable and you can use the different lock settings to sit up straight or lay back. The pillow attached is great for your head and neck support.

Stephen Reese

This chair packaging was huge and heavy! It’s super easy to set up and not assembly needed. Just need put in the safety pin which I took some time to learn how to put. I put a picture in my review to show you where to put.

I have to say this chair is very comfortable and easy to control which position I want and lock it. Get back to normal position and get off also easy. Kudos to the designers! Plus it’s price is actually one of the cheapest

Lukas Serrano

The stitching looked great which means the chair will stand up to consistent use. The sunblocker is a nice addition and is fairly adjustable and seems to stay in place regardless of position.

The chair does have the ability to lock in different positions via small plastic locks on both undersides by the arm rest. The arm rests themselves look excellent with the wood accents on them.

Maci Marsh

There is a nice pad for your head/neck. The cup holder is a nice touch (just remember to remove it before folding up the chair)