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Morris Weaver

So this is definitely one of the best massagers I have ever had. But keep in mind this is meant for deep tissue massaging, so yes it gets in there and massages out those tough knots. I myself don’t have a sensitive back, I like to be stepped on and massaged deep. So the “harshness” of this massager doesn’t bother me at all. But if you have a sensitive back you probably won’t like this. The heat feature adds a relaxing factor too, I read some reviews about it getting to hot or something crazy and I haven’t experienced that. Just keep the cover on and only use it for the 15 minute intervals like your suppose to, (I believe it shuts itself off after the 15 minutes ) and everything should be great!

Veronica Knight

I use this back massager all the time. I work a pretty physical job and can’t really afford a weekly or even monthly massage. This has helped with my shoulders, back, hips, and even calves. The option to either have heat or not have heat is awesome. I also like that the massager changes direction it helps get the knots out faster. I have had mine for over 4 years and it’s still going strong.

Danielle Gilbert

I have tried countless gadgets for my tight neck, upper back, and lower back muscles. Needless, to say, THIS works the best kneading my knots and decreasing my pain. Although this works for me, this may not be for you if you don't like, or physically cannot take deep tissue massages - it is very strong. Keep reading if that isn't an issue. Place this massager behind your neck, upper back, mid-back, or lower back. I start from my neck and work my way down moving it wherever I have pain. After using this heated massager, I'm in MUCH LESS pain. Acupuncture and deep tissue massage definitely help my pain, but that gets costly. The reason I'm writing this review is because I hope to help others who suffer from chronic muscular back pain, like I do. It certainly is a game changer for me (with daily use) ...hope it works for you as well!

Homer Morgan

Quick background on me and why I bought this: I am 6'2, approx. 215lbs. Physical activities include boxing, biking, running. I have a slight issue with my L4 & L5 from 2004 but have got better. I have slight tightness and soreness around the area of the L4 & L5 due to scar tissue, etc. Sometimes when I tweak my back, I can barely sleep due to the pain but that is a rare thing. Unfortunately, the pain came back recently.

Why the rating: I bought this massager and have been super happy since I started using it. I currently place the massager behind my back on a desk chair. I havent laid on it because I know with my weight it may cause the machine to wear out but just having it rest behind my back as I sit in the office or at home has been amazing. My back feels loose and the heat from the massager is soo awesome. Highly suggest this! Just try not to put your entire weight on it, let it work behind your back as you sit.

Emilio Smith

I tried this massager at my daughter’s place while vacationing there, and HAD to order one for myself immediately upon returning home! It feels wonderful! The pressure is perfect. Some other massagers I’ve tried have had very aggressive, painful pressure, but this is perfect. It’s a good, comfortable level, so that I can feel it and get the benefits from it, but not be wincing in pain from the pressure. I love that it heats up, also. OF IMPORTANT NOTE: Regarding reviews stating that the product gets too hot and burns, the directions state very clearly how to turn off the heat feature altogether if you don’t want it on. The massager doesn’t just turn on and do it’s own thing. You can control everything about it using the switch. Just read the instructions that come with it. I used my daughter’s every evening I was on vacation, and it enabled me to sleep well, with no back pain, and get up and go again the next day. I think it’s amazing, and I highly recommend it!