Portable Closet Wardrobe With Ample Storage Space

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Freda Maxwell

I got this wardrobe for my bedroom in my apartment I share with my partner. It works perfectly as our temporary wardrobe situation that holds our extra leftover clothes we can’t fit in our small closets for now. It’s definitely a step-up from a regular clothes rack I had before. It can conceal the mess when I don’t want to see it. And I purposely got this one because the zippers are black so it all looks unified! I wanted to get something temporary because I want to move to a house in a year or so. I didn’t want to spend too much of a bulky furniture item and it be harder for us to move later on. For the price that it is, it’s great!!!

Lillian Chapman

I put this together myself in a half hour. It was easy to assemble. It works perfect as the makeshift closet that I need it for. I can't speak to how durable it is because it's only been up for a day. It's made out of plastic so it's not very sturdy but I knew that when buying it. I was looking for a cheap solution and I got one. I currently have it wedged in between a wall and another piece of furniture so I think that helps with the stability.

Dianna Perry

I never write reviews but I was so pleasantly surprise with this product I had too! At first glance you might think to yourself, great another online purchase fail... fortunately it wasn’t! It is easy to assemble, yet durable! Highly recommended for the price!

Garrett Hayes

So this was pretty simple to put together, I don’t know how heavy duty it is because we literally just finished our basement room and are storing our clothing in these since we don’t like our closet.

Doreen Huff

All in all good and sturdy product for the price and helps me keep organized while I get a real long term closet built