Portable Home And Office Evaporative Air Cooler With 3 Wind Modes And Timer

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Yahir Cunningham

My kids go to school and my husband goes to the office. I’m the only one who WFH for a whole day. I put this Air Cooler in the study room and set the house AC to a higher temperature to reduce the utility bill. The Air Cooler works well and keeps the study room much cooler than other rooms.

Logan Fischer

To be honest, I haven't actually had to turn this unit on (May) so far, but I just checked the reviews and so many were updated since I bought this cooler a couple of months ago. Very encouraged by even more favorable reviews and I can't wait to turn it on when it gets hot enough! Let me add that I really like doing business with Tumbling Dices. Customer service is excellent and I love the products that i've purchased so far.

Lina Warren

I can’t believe how great this swamp cooler works! After literally searching for hours I purchased one that was more money, slimmer but taller. It kept making this clicking sound as if it was getting jammed. The water tank was super small and had to be filled up every 1-2 hours. Retuned it. THIS one I haven’t even used the water/ice setting because of how cool it gets my condo on the low fan setting. And the tank is larger. I live in Las Vegas and it gets HOT. My central AC was cleaned and supposed to be fixed by a company hired by the HOA office but the people hired didn’t really do anything about the problem. Plus it was costing too much money to run. I point the blades down and I get a good flow of air sometimes I point them up but see what works for your space! (It did arrive in a mint green color instead of white as shown but it works so good I’m not bothered by that)

Giovanny Stanley

This Air Coller is great for my livingroom. It is a nice portable size and it is on wheeles so its easy to move it around and reposition no matter where i am sitting in my living room. The unit has tree speeds and modes. it also blows at a wide angle to cool more space. The unit seterilizes the air by generating negative ions. The unit has a remote control so you do not have to get up from your seat to change modes. This is not a air conditioner so it does not need to vent out a window. It is a fan air cooler so you freeze the ice packs and the cool air comesfrom the water and evaporation and the fan. This is a low cost way to cool a small area. Overall this is a great unit.

Dustin Hays

On the downside, the reservoir for the water is a bit small and needs to be refilled fairly often, especially if the fan is on high. The wind function is also kind of lame, as I'm sure it on all similar units from other manufacturers, since the fan sounds are nothing like the sound wind makes. Having the fan speed increase and decrease makes the white noise from the fan more annoying than pleasing. Apart from that my only other complaint is that I would have preferred if the unit came in black as it would blend into my existing décor better.

For what I purchased the product for, a strong fan with an added swamp cooler to help with the heat, it does an outstanding job and I definitely recommend it.