Portable Recharging Hanging Neck Fan Cooling

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Josiah Cameron

I ordered this product for myself and kids while my sister ordered another brand. She even said that ours was better than hers as it could bend under our chin and neck to blow air on our faces. Plus it was light weight, didn’t make much noise and didn’t get our hair caught in the blades.

Sara Delgado

I went to Vegas for the BTS concert, I knew it was going to be so hot and humid, so I bought this product. Best decision ever! There are 3 levels, low, middle, high; the power button is pretty sensitive so if you are fixing your hair, or it is in the bag and accidentally touched it, it'll turn on. The sound of the fan is not loud, so you won't even hear it if it turned on in your bag and even I sometimes forgot it was on my shoulder. It definitely does cool you down. The high power is not like powerful as you may think it seems, but good enough to cool you down. I didn't use the product until it died, but the battery life seems pretty good, depending what power you use, I mostly used low in Vegas cause I was scared it might die, but it didn't. It lasted me the whole day. This product is very light, I loved everything about this product! Its worth it if you are going out all day in the sun and if it is humid, you're going to need it.

Brodie Espinoza

My Neck Fan easily fits into my backpack purse and around my neck. It doesn’t irritate or bother me when it’s around my neck and not turned on. I only charge my battery once or twice a week. The high, medium and low air coming from my fan is excellent.

Lea Vazquez

I help out with a function and it usually has me dripping sweat...this has helped so much will be taking it
on cruises so that I can enjoy myself instead of dripping...

Cora Hawkins

I purchased this bladeless neck fan, compared with others, the weight is lower and I prefer its folding design. It is easy to put in my bag.
When I opened the box, I was first satisfied with its quality, feeling more sturdy and durable.
The wind power is strong enough. Speed 1 is comfortable and speed 3 is cool enough to make hair blow up.
And the battery is durable enough to charge at night and last all day.
I'm excited to use it tomorrow with my lawn mower!