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High Effective Electric Automatic Peeler

Designed with a high-quality stainless steel blade, peels fruits and vegetables faster. A potato can be peeled within 10 seconds. It just pares the skin without wasting any of the nutritious parts. Durable ABS plastic Non-slip base keeps steady on the desk or other working place.

Easy to Use

Humanized button design, just gently press, and start peeling automatically. A movable fixed needle can adapt to different vegetable & fruit heights. The potato peeler arm can adjust the thickness and automatic balance in the peeling process keeps thickness uniformly. The bottom holder can fix vegetables & fruit in its rotation process. No need to hold the vegetable during peeling, safe for hands!

Suitable for Most Fruits and Vegetables

The potato peeler arm adjusts to every thickness, shape, and texture. Suitable cut 2cm --- 14cm diameter height 5cm --- 15cm in fruits and vegetables, and cut out the skin about 1 mm. Such as potatoes, sweet potatoes (need to clean), apples, pears (head and tail cut less than 2-3 cm), oranges, persimmon, mango, kiwi, cucumber, radish, and some other smooth leather hard fruits and vegetables.

Powered by Battery and Charger: The apple peeler can be not only powered by 4 AA batteries but also the 6V adapter charger (included).

Product size:285 x 140 x 140mm/11.22 x 5.51 x 5.51in
Product material: ABS stainless steel
Color: Black/White
model: Automatic Electric

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Kris Geisen

Love it. Works perfect as advertised. Would recommend it to anyone.

Heather Fleming

Great gadget! I’ve always hated peeling potatoes. If you’re the same BUY THIS! Of course it takes up some valuable cupboard space, but not much, and it’s so worth it. It works on anything that needs peeling. I watched a woman peel EVERYTHING imaginable with this in a YouTube video. Pretty much works on everything, but the potatoes is what sold me. There’s a little at the top & bottom it can’t reach, but I just cut it off. And sometimes the blade pops off when removing potato- easy to pop back on. LOVE THIS THING. Never peeling potatoes again by hand again. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Carlos Robbins

Years ago I bought my first one on the shopping channel thinking I will give it a try and since when one breaks which they all do after a while I immediately get another ..I like pan fried potatoes instead of frozen and also like to peel with this for Sunday roast and potatoes you can put one in and it zips the peel off in a few seconds all in long easy strip of peeling to throw in trash. Also if you want to peel whole potato it will do long strings you could do hash browns out of and when it peels it makes little groves all down potato which makes it easy to slice in the grove rather than knocking your hand it is the best gadget I have found and I have all kinds

Cassandra Gross

I had volunteered for potato and apple peeling duty on Thanksgiving which made me look humble until I whipped out this peeler! Then I tore through the ponds of potato and green apples like I was possessed! The unit worked exactly as advertised and each potato left just the slightest of ends to whip of with a hand peeler. And to boot we air fried the peel strips after soaking in salt water and made a crispy topping for the mashed potatoes. Would definitely recommend the product. If you are gentle the unit will reward your care with consistent results.

Ada Harrison

If you’re tired of peeling the potatoes for the holiday feasts, get this. I waited to review this until I had a chance to really give it a work out, and Thanksgiving is the test. It’s my job to do the mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving every year, and peeling potatoes for a big crowd was something I started to dread after 20 years or so. Dread no more. Just did about 10 pounds in a half hour or so. No backache, no cuts. The potatoes come out looking like they were peeled on a machine, but since I didn’t have to do it by hand, I don’t care. I love this machine. Absolutely worth the low price and frankly, it’s even entertaining to watch.