Powerful 2.3Hp Gas Powered Fence Pile Driver

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Yandel Massey

This is worth every penny you can spend for a hammer cut my work time to minutes normally would take a half a day why rent when you could own for a few dollars more love it 👍👍 two thumbs up

Haylee Berger

This was the lightest jackhammer I could find for long-term use. I used it with a separately purchased clay shovel to begin trenching terraces into a rocky hillside for a terraced garden. The jackhammer outlasted me daily, and it performed perfectly. I did watch youtube maintenance videos in addition to reading the instructions before adding 10w40 oil for first use. My first test was on a tight access hole for a fencepost, and 4 bursts cleared it out like the clay compacted rocks were butter. Since then I have been able to trench 4 90 foot terrace outlines and begin leveling within the terrace to minimize the soil erosion that had left only rocky scrabble on the hillside. The hammer is light enough for me to carefully move and operate without assistance. Only one large rock slowed it for a burst or two over several days use, so it would do concrete very well if that had been my need. Planting trees and shrubs on the terrace will be minutes per hole instead of pick and shovel hours. Adding a fence reinforcement would be hours instead of weeks. A rented trencher had failed due to large rocks and the angle of the hillside making operation hazardous.

Allisson Walter

This Hammer worked great for what I was trying to do with it. Unlike a lot of people I'm actually trying to break up boulders that I dug out for a foundation. Most of these are sandstone and break up relatively fast. If I could physically be able to handle running it longer it would go really fast. I feel the weight of the jackhammer is just right for what I'm doing. If it was a heavier hammer I would not be able to go from the side and go at an angle with it without hurting myself. I will say it gets pretty warm by the time I am too tired to keep going but this was on a 90° day in Ohio. So we both get a little rest (the hammer and I) at the right time. It's a nice tool to have and not worrying about getting it back to a rental place is worth the cost to me. I also bought the shovel attachment just in case I needed to dig some hard ground. I'm just using the backhoe instead but the shovel is nice and heavy duty and will break rock also. I would definitely buy again if it lasts through these rocks. The picture is of some of the boulders before I busted them up. I got them down to softball and volleyball size and plan on using them for fill under my floor.

Guillermo Yu

So I read a few comment before I purchase this demo hammer. Couldn't really believe for a name brand tool this would cost over 1000 dollars normally. It kinda shocked me. I'm not going to say it will knock down a concrete home. But it did impress me. I demo a slab that was 3ft by 5 ft and 12 inches thick. I took two breathers for about 5 mins each and and hour of work and the slab was in pieces. Of course nothing will bet an air hammer in speed. I've used one and they will cut anything in secs. But for a small business owner looking for a demo hammer that's not used everyday or a he owner doing thier own projects. Nothing will bet the price factor. It also came with a second set of brushes so when the first set wears out your good. Remember to check the oil often and tighten all of the bolts on the oil res plate.

Konnor Stout

If your trying to put a fence post in, a post hole digger comes to a stop at the 2 foot depth. The gas powered post hole diggers for rent in my area will only dig down 2 feet.. My local rental co.'s wanted $100 a day to rent a tool like this and so for the price I thought for this tool would be worth a try. It will break up the clusters of rock and I found I had to use a dog doo scooper to get the rocks out of the post hole. If your in a situation like this my advice is to keep the tool cooling vents away from the soil because the tool isn't long enough if you have to dig 3 feet or more to hit solid ground.

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