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Adeline Hammond

My apartment isn’t simple to cool, either: it’s very elongated with rooms off a main hallway that runs the length of the house, so the AC has to move all that air from way across the house to get things cool. That being said, the unit does have some limitations in terms of air circulation: I do have an oscillating Holmes fan running In front of it to help boost the air output. That alone helped with a two degree temperature drop.

Jamarcus Carroll

At this point I am very happy how things have turned out. Even on the hottest day this year 102F it worked perfectly. no drainage issues, no cooling issues, not a single problem. That being said reliability takes time to assess so once the summer has ended I’ll update this review and will continue to post updates for so long as it is working.

Brynlee Blankenship

- Would I recommend? Yes.
- If given the choice would I buy again? Yes.
- Will this work in very humid climates? Yes.
- Does it require a lot of maintenance? No. If you're going to give it any maintenance love, pay special attention to the filter. Dust will kill all.
- If I could install a window unit, would you still recommend this portable? No. I think a window unit hands down wins over portable units. I would only buy this in special situations like mine where Window Units cannot be installed.
- Take special care of where you think this unit will go both for maximum efficiency but also ease of emptying drip pans when you have to.

Rihanna Sherman

Large pumping units like these are going to be large. They won't go unnoticed in your house. They take up quite a bit of room and may be hard for you to fit in tight places where space is already a concern. Really take this to heart when you consider a unit. The shorter distance that exhaust hose can be to the window, the more efficient it will be. If the only available space to place the unit in your home is 8+ ft from your window, you might need to do some redesigning or reconsider the value you'll get out of this unit.

Lance Woodward

Because of special circumstances, I could not install a window unit. If I could have, it would have been way more cost efficient and able to keep my house at a much more consistent temperature. I have both units in rooms of equal sizes, about 400 sqft room and because of my circumstances, I had to have both units running 24/7. Both of them used pretty comparable electricity and really put a bump in my bill.