Premium 8000 BTU ASHRAE Portable Air Conditioner With Dehumidifier Function and Remote Control

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Asia Dyer

notable advantage is the ease of installation. Unlike traditional air conditioners that require professional installation or intricate assembly, the windowless unit can be set up effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface and clear instructions make it a hassle-free experience for anyone, even without

Ayana Horn

I'm used to using portable air conditioners, so I tend to build a box around them and put an extra vent near the back and pipe it outside, about half the size of the one going out. That tends to stop the issue and give me far greater BTU value than it is rated at. Otherwise, I just leave a window cracked somewhere near the unit as I am used to having to do this with wood stoves anyhow.

Sophia Mejia

This, like all portable air conditioners, will create a bit of a vacuum which will pull air into any cracks in your walls, windows, floors, etc. No matter how well your home was built, it will pull that air in from somewhere... kitchen vents, dryer vents, bathroom air vents, etc. This happens because the air that the unit uses to cool the rear radiator, which vents outside, is pulled from the back and sides of the unit. It also pulls the air that it is going to heat or cool through the same area. So only some of the air is coming back out into your home (the air that is heated or cooled), but about half of all the air coming in is pushed out of the back of the air conditioner out of the vent that goes through the window

Jovanny Sanford

All in all, I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a portable AC unit or at least some type of AC that is more affordable than the alternative.

Damon Day

A couple of other things to note:
Some of the reviews mentioned the water drainage and how it was a lot. I have not noticed that at all with mine but I'm pretty sure this is related to the humidity. That would be something to consider for you. Since I don't live in a place with ridiculous humidity 24/7 the water drainage has been very minimal.
Another thing I seemed to recall reading about was the noise level. Honestly, I have NEVER lived somewhere with a quiet AC unit. Unless it's central air, those units are noisy! This unit startled me a couple of times when it would come on but now that I recognize the sound it doesn't bother me at all.
As far as electricity - It has not done anything significant to my electric bill. Of course, I don't leave it running 24/7. And, thankfully, as mentioned before, the heat waves around here aren't too prolonged.