Premium 9ft Waterproof Outdoor Patio Umbrella

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Marisol Warren

This umbrella is a very good buy. The price is great and the quality is good. Easy to set up. Seems sturdy.
Opens and closes easily, nice to be able to clip it together when closed. The material seems good, could be a little heavier, filters out a fair amount of sunshine. Time will tell how long it lasts, maybe not as long as the Sunbrella fabric, but at a much lower price point.

Paisley Roach

Currently we are redoing our patio and my husband put it in our kids picnic table instead of our table. Which means I needed to purchase another once our patio is done. So I did. I loved this umbrella so much I purchased the same one in a style for my kids and they are so excited!

Clark Bridges

Purchased this umbrella a little over a year ago and this thing is still in excellent condition. It even withstood a windstorm and got knocked down and didn't break! Barely any color change from the sun and I won't lie, I'm lazy and forget to put it down so it takes a beating lol.

Marques Mathews

And we’ve been in the 80s and 90s for months now I normally have to buy umbrellas every year because the sun fades them so bad. But these are doing so far (great) I’m hoping that they will last a few years. very pleased in the quality and the sturdiness. and the color is beautiful looks perfect with my patio furniture and pool area. Very very happy with my purchase I hope everyone else will be blessed with the same results

Brendon Hooper

I was looking for an affordable patio umbrella in a vibrant color for our table (that was in stock) and I really like this one! Coverage is suitable for a table that seats 4 with the tilt feature depending on the time of day. Wobbles quite a bit at the top any time the wind blows (I’m guessing this is normal to adapt to gusts, although it could be user error putting it together and something isn’t tight enough), but it hasn’t toppled over. However, you will need a very heavy base. As with most umbrellas, they don’t do well with any kind of breeze, and without a good base, you will be running through your neighbor’s yard to catch it! Overall it’s a good buy that I don’t regret.