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Alain Murry

So far so good. Would like to change voice to female. Female clearer and more understandable.

Annie Stewart

The only thing I found which I was not to happy with is the speed limits it displays. very often incorrect. example the gps. will show 60 and the road signs are marked 50 etc. This occurs in a number of locations.
Just do not rely on this feature. Otherwise very happy with the maps, the size, the touch features and would recommend this product.

Dennis Powell

This GPS is better than expected! I am a Professional Tractor Trailer Driver who has been running U.S. and Canada for 20 years now and this has been the best GPS I have ever owned. Set it to commercial mode and it will direct me to my destination, avoiding low bridges, construction, etc. The screen size also makes it very easy to see. My best purchase ever! Highly recommend!

John Rivera

I needed this for my older Astro Van to travel roads I haven’t been on for over a decade and have been completely changed/rerouted etc.
This display is huge and informative… I like and dislike the over-speed limit warnings but really… they are good to have when you are in unfamiliar territory… who needs a speeding ticket??
All in all, I would buy this again without hesitation

Amy Scott

This GPS has a very responsive touch screen which compared to alternatives I have tried can be a literal life saver when driving, the GPS routes and style are easy to follow and read. The additional features like video, music, and games for children are a huge plus. the screen can get very bright so you don't have to worry about not being able to see it the sun. This is an amazing product for the price and if you are looking for a GPS less than 150$ this is the right one. don't bother spending 300$+ get this one and save yourself some money.