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Fernando Sanchez

Too small for my use.

Ashley Parks

If I could rate this 10 stars, I would! It has been outstanding. I have bought 5 of these now, for family and ill friends. My son did not like it because he said he got too much energy from it and couldn't sleep, but it helps me sleep and the rest of us love it. I can feel the healing energy wrapping around me where I have injuries, infection, trauma. If you have heavy metals, which cause sensitivity to EMF waves (such as cell phones), your body is like an antenna to EMF waves and you really need this mat. I just received this from a friend, whose husband has Parkinson's.

"The change in my husband Mornings he is really wobbly and walks like a drunk man till drugs kick in, and then there is the guessing how much or how little to take. After a long day he comes home bent over like an old man. The grounding mat came Thursday! He was having a bad drug day so I told him to get on his mat. He did. ❤ In an hour he came out standing tall and fixed a yummy dinner! This morning once again he is pretty normal and last night, standing tall. He now is going to tell every Parkinson's person he meets to get a Grounding Mat! "

Belinda Warren

I have been sleeping on this mat for four weeks now, and yes I do believe it works. Here is my story......
I'm a mail carrier in Central NY, I walk 10 - 16 miles a day (lately thru a lot of deep snow). I have no choice but to abuse my body. I'm also 62 years old. I was always amazed how the human body repairs and regenerates it self over night, but I still woke up with pain. After seeing all the data on Grounding I decided it was a cheap price to pay for comfort so why not give it a try. Like some of the other reviews I seemed to notice changes right away but still wondering if it was my imagination. I noticed the tingling sensation first, also felt more rested during sleep. I fell asleep more quickly. Another review said something about better dreams, I also noticed that, and dreams about people and events in the past I totally forgotten about.
I know they say you really notice a change in 8 weeks, but after four weeks I feel stronger when I wake up, my body feels great the second I lay on that leather, I like the coolness and feel of the mat, I sleep directly on it. I'm up a few times in the night to use the bathroom and instantly fall back to sleep when I get back into bed. My feet, legs, and back take a beating during the day, and are reenergized faster and stronger with this mat. I feel more rested and ready to go when I get up. My work is demanding and sometimes I'm scheduled for 14 days before I get one day off, I will never give up my mat! I will add to this review after I have been on the mat 8 full weeks.

Jay Ramirez

Verified Purchase
I initially bought the small mat that I put in the middle of my back when sleeping but it is small for that so since I was getting such great pain benefits from the small mat - decided to buy the larger sleep one - I have no regrets because for me to wake up in the morning without stiffness and pain is a big deal to me - like some reviewers mentioned - the mat does get bunched up in spots as you turn in the night but for me that is not a deterrent because the pluses are way to wonderful so I put up with the occasional straightening out the mat when I get up to go the restroom in the middle of the night - if you have joint pain and stiffness - this is the product for you - at least for me it is a life saver and this mat has become my new best friend especially for traveling - keep in mind that these mats work best if you have skin to mat contact or at the very least wear cotton sleepwear - with the sleep mat - it's not such a problem because unless you are wearing neck to feet sleepwear some part of your body will make direct contact for the grounding needed to reduce pain - highly recommend this product -

Tami Little

Worth every penny! Two mornings I woke up without aches, pains, stiffness and slept like a baby. I have been clenching my teeth at night too causing TMJ, that is already subsiding. I am 47 and diagnosed with Lupus. Mornings are hard for me before this purchase. Feels like I went to the chiropractor as I am standing up straighter.
I have an older home and didn’t have the grounded outlets. However after more research on alternate grounding options I remembered I have a grounding rod outside my bedroom window. I bought coated wire, alligators clamps, and plastic connector for $8 total investment, and Voi-la, it’s connected. Buying one for my parents and hopefully adding to my line of healing products.