Premium Inflatable Pool Float Lounge Swimming Raft

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Sanaa Jacobs

We put this in our pool, it's a bit large but so much fun! Our dogs love going for a ride! Love this float, its fits me!!!! I can tan and relax with my cooler with me and still have plenty of room.

Maxwell French

This raft is huge. It can easily fit 4 people comfortably, I really love the seashell design. This does take a good 30 minutes to blow up with the electric air pump. and i think it's expected to keep blown up as it is huge and takes time. i bought for the lake but this would also work great in a pool. It is nice that it has a back rest to lean against and it has a sun shade so you don't get burnt in the son while lying or sitting on this raft. This raft even has two cupholders built in so no worries on spilling your drink on the raft. It's definitely meant to me enjoyed and lounged on! It also has a robe built into the side holes you can hook to a boat or tree so you don't float away from your location. In my case i'll be tying up to a tree at the lake so i don't float off lol. It's a durable pvc plastic so i believe this will hold up well even indoors if you wanted to sleep on it like an air mattress or movie night lounger! When done deflate and put away for next time!


This inflatable is just what I needed for relaxing outside and keeping away the sun when I want to. Love the cup holders.

Drake Gibson

I bought this for vacation and it was PERFECT!! my boyfriend and I slept on it will we floated out in the ocean. I suggest getting a small anchor to hold yourselves in one spot! 10/10 recommend!! I would also recommend an air compressor for inflation rather than a regular float pump.

Tyree Lyons

I purchased two of these for my pool and LOVE them...very comfortable (would be moreso if they made it a little longer--once you "scooch down to use the pillow you're hanging off). Would buy again.