Premium Night Vision Binoculars Infrared 4k

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Premium Night Vision Binoculars Infrared 4k

These Digital Night Vision Binoculars enable you to shoot ultra-clear images and movies when exploring the wilderness, camping, or hunting! It has a 4X digital zoom, 3X magnification, and a 25mm objective lens with infrared technology at 850nm. Not only that, but it also features a night vision mode, allowing you to use it at night!

Regardless of illumination, photos are shot in 1280x960 pixels, while films are captured in 1280x960@30FPS. The binoculars are composed of extremely robust materials and are weather resistant, allowing them to be used in any weather conditions.

Use these binoculars to spot wildlife over 1200 feet away, and even better, you can use the mini screen to see it with even more clarity!


Digital Night VisionBinoculars


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