Premium Portable Power Station With Solar Generator

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Premium Portable Power Station With Solar Generator 

  • 712.25Wh Immense Power - This portable power station has a total capacity of 712.25Wh and can quickly charge a variety of gadgets up to 600W, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, electric blankets, projectors, and more.
  • Multi-Port for Multi-Device Charging - This multi-port power station with a 600W total output is built with two DC ports, two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, one vehicle connector, and two AC outlets to enable charging up to nine devices simultaneously.
  • Fast Recharge with MPPT - The power station may be recharged through a wall socket, up to 120W solar panel, or generator and takes 3.7 hours with the combined DC 120W and USB-C inputs. The MPPT in the 600W portable power station will hasten battery recharging when utilizing a solar panel.

  • Safe & Intuitive Operation - The power station has quick heat dissipation to guarantee safety when charging, a smart LCD display that makes it simple to monitor the power station at a glance, and a dimmable LCD light that is useful at night.
  • Compact & Portable - The portable power generator charges your gadgets while you're on the road and functions as a backup battery in case of an emergency thanks to its modest size and plush carrying handle.


USB-C PD Input & Output

The USB-C PD port offers quick recharging to the power station or charging USB-C powered devices with a max 60W input or max 65W output.

USB-A QC3.0 Fast Charge

Any compatible phone may receive quick charging from this power station, which has a USB-A charging connector with an 18W output.

Smart LCD Display

You can see the battery level, charge or discharge time, frequency, battery input, output power, etc. clearly thanks to the LCD display.

3-Mode LED Light

The LED light is built with 3 settings, including 100% brightness, 50% brightness, and SOS mode to satisfy your various demands. It lights in the dark.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

Heat dissipation is accelerated by the built-in fan and heat dissipation holes on both sides, which also offer extraordinarily dependable and secure charging performance.


  1. Maximum output power AC is limited to 600W.
  2. Keep away from heat sources and liquids.
  3. It is normal for the portable power outlet to become slightly warm during charging / discharging.

  4. Please do not dismantle this product.

  5. Fully charge the portable power station at least once every 2 months.


Battery Capacity 25.9V/27500mAh (712.25Wh)
Dual AC Output Ports 110VAC/60Hz and 50Hz or 220VAC/50Hz pure sine-wave 600W
USB-C(1) Input Port 5-20V, PD60W Max
DC Input Port 10-30V, 120W Max
USB C(1) Output Port 5-20V, PD65W Max; Compatible with USB PD3.0, BC1.2, Apple2.4A, QC3.0, AFC
USB C(2)/USB A(1) Output Port 5V share 3A Max
USB A(2) Output Port 5-12V 18W Max; Compatible with QC3.0, Apple 2.4A, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC
Dual DC Output Ports/Car port 12V/10A Shared 120W Max


Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Mamie Barton

The primary reason we bought this battery was for running my CPAP machine while camping. Although I could have easily run the machine for two nights (plus recharging phones) off of one charge, we topped it up each day with a solar panel. The first night, we even inflated four air mattresses using the AC and it still wasn't below the halfway point by the next morning. It did an amazing job of keeping everything charged and running for us. The variety of outputs was extremely helpful in enabling us to connect many different kinds of devices for power when needed. We even took it with us in the car one day and charged it off of the car adapter while powering tablets for the boys in the back seat.

Lamar Watts

Only thing I would want people to know is that the default is DC and many American products require AC, so make sure you check that setting and change it before use appropriately.

Dominic Lewis

It is a very nice small generator for camping to have lights and to power small electronics and nothing more. I purchased it for power outages for temporary power supply for home for a few hours of use. . A few months back I purchased the Westinghouse 12,000 potable generator for the whole house for longer time usage.

Sammy Mack

We've used the power station now on 3 different occasions. We used the 12v cigarette lighter outlet for a 12v car vacuum in the house, and it worked perfectly, the USB C outlet worked fine for our cell phone, and we used the two 110 volt plugs at the same time with two laptops at the same time at it worked like a charm. It is well built, and aesthetically pleasing, and very light weight. It was well worth the purchase.

Darla Castillo

I put it through its paces for 3 days. Powers up a windmachine fan, portable radio and 32 inch TV and charges my cell and IPAD ! I bought the 300s as I do not require much in an emergency ( 296 Wh, 300 Running Watts, and 600 Peak Watts ) but WOW ! It will power my radio or tv for days and keep my cell phone charged ! Very happy with this power station, it will be nice to have in the next power outage. After reading some of your reviews I did some research. If you see LOC (locked) press the AC & DC buttons at the same time for 5 seconds, that'll unlock the power station. if the units not charging via the wall outlet , plug into your car chargr for 30 or so minutes to "kick start" the battery ie power station. These are not generators they are power stations, best used to power electronics. Know your volts and watts (of what you want to power) and purchase the appropriate size. EO6 Means you've overloaded the power station