Premium Wooden Teak Shower Corner Bench Seat

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Jessica Bailey

I love this shower bench! It’s well made, sturdy and neat. I took the advice of a reviewer of a different bench that I was looking at, with no second shelf, and got this one instead because they said the other one was flimsy and fell apart after a while.
This Original Kai Corner Teak bench is perfect. It was easy to assemble and has leveling rubber feet which is essential as shower floors all slope for drainage. Don’t think twice - this is the one.

Judy Moore

Bought this for our walk-in shower of a new home that does not have a tile box/shelf for placing shampoo/conditioner on. Used this in the corner of the shower and works quite well. Does take a minute to figure out which way to screw in the four legs, but not long. Came well packaged. Seems quite sturdy. Has a nice feature at base (bottom of each leg has rubber balancing stoppers that can be unscrewed so that you can balance the bench (particularly if you have a shower that dips for water drainage like ours. Very pretty in the shower and does what we wish it to. Hopefully the teak holds up to the water. Otherwise, creates a spa like feel! Considered buying a second one.

Robert Johnson

Excellent wood and a great seat. Foot problems. The rubber feet are the seat's worst flaw, with just around 1/8" of adjustment. Any incline to a shower necessitates custom adjustments or a longer foot. The feet are threaded, but they are so far up in the wood that they are almost useless as a levelling device.

Christina Gray

Just replaced my bamboo shower bench with this one and so far I’m impressed with the quality of the wood, the weight of it, and also the levelers on the bottom of the feet. Only gripe is that the directions could have been slightly more clear. I almost accidentally sent this back because I thought the screws were placed in the wrong spot. Then I realized each leg was different.

Daniel Henderson

I bought this in 2011 and love it. It has been in the shower all of the time. A couple of weeks ago one of the corner pieces started to separate and a few of the top slats came out of place. I emailed the folks at Aqua Teak to see if they could advise me on repairing it or if they did repairs. Their response was send it it back to us and we will send a replacement. I sent the old one back and the new one just arrived. It is a GREAT bench in the first place but the CUSTOMER SERVICE TAKES IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL!!! I recommend buying from these people.