Premiun 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner - Features Sleep Mode and Dehumidifier Function for Ultimate Cooling.

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Lillie Watts

Easy to hook up and plug in. Cooled my 800 sqft room in under and hour. Only issue I had was the window cover doesn't fit my standard window size properly. Where I need the 2nd slide to be covers the vent by 1.5-2 inches. I just flipped the slide the opposite way so it works. Doesn't lock that way though. Not an issue though. It's not quiet, but I wanted the noise (day shift sleeper). I didn't want to run my central ac in the whole house night and day. This portable ac allows me to cook just my room while I sleep during the day, and central ac cools the rest of the house for the rest of family at night.

Those having issues lifting it out of the box, the bottom of the box is detached from the top, just remove the plastic ties holding the box together and lift the box.

Kathy Zuniga

Awesome unit…highly recommend!! This is my second purchase for another room. The first I purchased 3 years ago. It has ran every day since set at 70 degrees, 24 hours a day. Has performed flawlessly and probably will for a long time to come!

Jadyn Haas

I'm very pleased with this unit. I moved into an apartment with no central AC last summer and this thing worked perfectly all summer and into fall. I just started it up again for the first time in months and it still cools my bedroom nicely.

It is simple to hook up and really does produce cold air. I love it.

Talon Snow

This unit is great. The noise level is pretty high, but I'm use to it from other ones. When I got it one of the wheels was smashed all to pieces. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a new one with no problem. My biggest issue is that it fills up with water very fast. So fast that I've had to hook the hose to the back and just let it drain into a large bowl. We have to empty it a lot.

Rodolfo Oconnell

So far operating as advertised! Quiet and powerful. The 500 sq.ft area coverage estimate sounds about right. Nothing more, nothing less. If the room is starting off super hot, it does take much longer to cool down but eventually works. Instruction manual was going through set up of smart plug but I didn't receive a smart plug. But no biggie.