Premuim Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike Stand

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Diane Wood

Easy to assemble, sturdy and the noise level is tolerable.

Irene Sanchez

Was so surprised to see how it was totally together and all I needed to do was attached to axle

Evelyn Bryant

It is very sturdy and not cheap feeling, but I must be honest it is loud. It also may be loud because of the kind of tires I have on my bike but it doesn’t bother me because I ride with earphones on listening to music. Other than that I love it and it gets the job done.

Thomas Johnson

I bought this because I saw others who had bought it for their beach cruisers. Stand come already assembled. I'm not sure what part ilof this is magnetic. They holder on the stand is two different sizes. I'm not sure why. It doesn't fit over both bolts. I couldbt use the other piece that is meant to help hold the back wheelb, because doesn't come off my bike like others. So I removed the bolt and it being held by the tension. Seems to work fine.

Henry Harris

This stand is nice for staying in shape during the winter when you can't ride your bicycle outside. It is very sturdy for holding up the bike when using it and it was easy to set up. Some of the people complained about the noise it makes when pedaling mine is quiet when I use it but a lot of that has to do with what type of tire is on the bike. I have a bicycle with 700c wheels and it fits perfectly on the bike stand.

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